– 29 –

The Golden Griffin recall have been a sound that nobody have remembered, till it haven’t been issued few seconds before that glacial silence, have fallen in town. 
Many, for don’t say everybody, have stop to fight each other, and like something of magical had delete all the evilness that had pervading that city.

Roger had looked at you with all the wonder that he had, and only with the eyes, he have said: “But it is possible?”, and with the same glance, you was looking for to explain that one you couldn’t, but with an impulsive moves, you have turned on the device, and almost with tremble voice, you have called me. 

Me, i was hearing to you, but i wasn’t capable to speak, as much breathless i was, but only when the Golden Griffin have closed his wings, and he have started to staring us, one by one, i have been capable to whisper your name a couple of time, putting in row few words that could seemed out of any logic. You have said to get calm me, and take breath.

“Luke what you are seeing isn’t my project. We have in front a new Golden Griffin. He have born under our eyes. What you are hearing it’s his real call. It’s everything real! No visual effect, nothing of what i had figured! We are in front of  a new Golden Griffin…. he is staring at me!”
I had said the latest sentence sighing, as if i had fear he could understand me, and maybe it was so, but he have been in silence.
You was hearing in silence, and i have could hear your heart beating like mine: like a jackhammer, and we both would have could explode at any moment. 

Roger had seen you dazed, but in that moment everybody had to do something, so from his device, he have passed to the comminication line with Margaret and in few seconds, she have explained him everything.

For a while he have stared intensively outside the window, and he have sighed: “Now i have understand when he have said me he would be will comeback, he wanted mean this!” And all of sudden, he have turned toward the villlain that he had under fire, and looking at him, he have said: “The Golden Griffin will can die killed by the hands of creatures of your meanness, but it will birth, always another new one.” and he have forced him to look at outside the window, that yellowish light that, little by little, have becoming a halo of a such beauty, and the Golden Griffin re-call, was spreading in whole of town, and now, even the latest warrior, who were fighting, have stopping, looking for to understand what was happening, and only looking at up to the great window of City Hall, they had seen somebody else inside together their leaders, and leaving who had in front, they have ran faster inside the big building, and only after a couple of minutes, you seemed surrounded by a bigger number of creatures than your group, and in an instant, you have looked at Roger, but he wasn’t seemed worried at all, on the contrary, he seemed was smiling at those leaders who were confused about what was going in Roger’s mind, and in reality you was even too.

But only few seconds that the other creatures have entered in the room, and have started to fight against that small troop, your resistence have been easier than you have expected.

And only fighting, you have understand that the Golden Griffin was helping you, and now that light was wrapping you, and the more you went on the more that fighting, seemed a stroll, and the creatures who you had in front, they seemed incredulous of what so few creatures have could do, facing creatures bigger than them, and only when Roger have placed himself in front to the creature bigger than him, seemed he wanted make fun of him, but he have said only: “You can’t take all and get away with it. There will be always someone who you will fight against and this time you have met us.”, and with a grimace that creature looked at Roger, but that look didn’t seem like a look of surrender.

What he have said to Roger, have only hear to Roger, but only have looked at him for a while, Roger have give him a punch on that questionable face.”


Listen ot it ⇓⇓


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