As soon

I have looked at the clock, our connection was about to start, and i have feel your arms around my belly and your whisper have saying me “Come back”.
Now i’m here with you, and your eyes are straight into mine, and sweetly your hands are touching my hips.
I close the eyes, holding back the breathe. 

I perceive your perfume around this solitary room and it makes me go crazy. I throw away all the air from the lungs.
I can feel your desire to stay alone with me. You moving me in our slow dance.
Our breathes are merging each other. and our hearts are beating unison, while i loosing myself in those two wonderful blue oceans, and sweetly touch your tiny mole. 

Very delicately you come closer to me, and your lips caress mine. I place my hands on your chest, and i feel your heart beating like a crazy. 
You take my hand and you make it slide inside your pj. 
For a while our breathes stops, and Our Parallel World wraps us. 
Your hand take mine, and sweetly you accompany me on bed.


Listen to it 

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