– 28 –

Finally those creatures have recognised Roger, but they haven’t had the time to speak, that Roger himself have pointed his weapon on one of those creatures, and he have pushed him in front to the window, and the two big creatures have done the same with the other, while the nimbles have checking that big room, looking for any way of escape, but luckily they haven’t found anything, and so they have comeback to protect Roger. 

Very slow that group of few creatures have taken control of the situation. The latest nimble creature, have remained outside the door to check if someone arrived.
You have remained upheaveled, as much everybody were fast. 
You had followed Roger in all his moves, and even you had pointed your weapon straight the face of that creature, but you seemed an automaton, and seemed your mind was outside your body, as much all that situation have changed quickly.

Only when one of the captured creature, have spoken, you have woke from the state you have fallen.
“It would be him your saviour?” he said, looking at you with a  glance of contempt, and only when that creature, one of the most disgusting ever seen, ended, you have came closer to him and almost unaware and unconscously, you have said: “Yes, I am, but in part have been your guilty. You had to to check that Golden Griffin was real dead. I arrive at the right moment”.
Those words have came out without thinking much. In really few seconds all the speech that we had  with Roger and Margaret in their apartment, have came out, and like in a quick twirl, they have turned in your mind, and only when you have started to speak, you have realizing of what you was talking about.

And only at end, proudly Roger have looked at you, but now it was his time.
For a last time, he have looked at you, and giving you a double pat on your shoulder, he have made himself ahead, looking at those two creatures, who have didn’t move neither by a centimetre. 
Only when Roger have came closer to one of them, and always pointing his weapon, now under the chin, he have accompanied him closer the window, and in a sigh, he said: “Only when i have climbed the mountain, i have seen the Griffin seriously wounded, even i have thought that he would be dead in short time, but his latest words have been «I will come back», and  looking at that creature, he was indicating that wonderful light that, little by little, have becoming brighter, but it had not fascinated the few creatures remained in street, continuing fight against those few creatures of our group.

Roger was hoping those words and that yellowish light that was illuminating the latest act of barbaries, may write the end of that useless fight instead those fights have continuing.
Only when the other creature had said:  “Are we sure that all this isn’t a joke?” something have left everybody breathless.

When from the moutain everybody, have seen that light that very slowly have spreading in town, have thought that was the Jabe visual effect, but when me, Margaret and Jabe, have reached that right side of the mountain, we have remained upheaveled. 
The Golden Griffin was died, yes, but what Roger hadn’t noticed, when he have fenced the nest,  it was that, below the great and enormous body covered of yellow feathers, there was  a small egg: a small golden griffin, was about to born, and right before few minutes that Jabe was about to turn on the visual effect, the egg have break up. 

Margaret have remained upheaveled more than us, and what she have whispered, while we assisting to that new birth, it was that the Golden Griffin was exclusively a male creature, but making some quick calculations and some reasonament more, she have conclude that in case of wound, or death, he would have the time to procreate a new life, and after his death, the heat of the feathers have would do the rest.

And now, we were assisting just to the birth of the new Golden Griffin, and his light, from before weak, now it have becoming that light that everybody have remembered, and that creature inside the nest was moving his steps, and only when he have seen us, for the very first time in his life, he have open wide those majestic wings, and he have issued his recall that have resounded in the whole town.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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