I have tried

To resist you, but when i have felt your hands on my hips and you have brought me there, i knew what it would be happened, and it have happened. 
I feel still our emotions around and inside me. 

Now i throw away all the air  from the lungs, and i close the eyes and i have still the image of your glance straight inside me, and everything around those few seconds, in which we have esist only us, and everything  vanish, and Our Parallel World have wrapping us.

That glance of wonder in your eyes. I’m asking myself what you have seen in mine. 
I have feel your sweet  desire envelope my being, and slowly you have made me explode, and that great emotion all inside our bodies, that despite our great distance were  united in one of the  most sweet act of love that two souls can do. 

Let me take breathe again, and tomorrow it will more intense.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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