– 27 –

Now Roger was staring that device on your wrist as if he could see every moves we were doing, but you knew it was impossible, but he was hearing each effort that we had to do to reach Margaret. 
Margaret herself  seemed fighting against the time.

That fire in city had worried her much, and only who knew her well knew that she have would do everything else to see those fires turning off as soon as possible, and beyond Roger, Jabe knew her so well, and only when he have helped me, he have thrown a glance toward me first then toward her, and only  understanding the meaning of that glance, i have nodded and i have accellerate the step.

We had exceeded half mountain and we had to just overstep straight pathway that we were crossing from almost an hour.  
Finally Margaret have got slow, and after placed her big paws on an another rock, and taking breath again, she said us: “Do you see that big branches that stick out?” I have nodded and Jabe have added: “It’s there  where we have to go!” I have only said a small: “Yes!” and throwing away the few oxygen i had in the lungs, and after have looked at everybody, i have put myself in lead of that unlikely trio.

You had listened to that sharing of  few words, and after have understand that we would have not talk for a while, you have went to Roger and you have reported our position. 
When Roger have understand  how much was missing, have collect all around him, and checking each single weapon, he have said: “In short time, Margaret  will lead Jabe and Daria to the nest of  Golden Griffin. Get prepare us to the final attack.”

He had left open the communication channel of his device linked to that secret department, where now, you and the few creatures, had could hear someone who was screaming orders aloud, and a big bustle it was heard as soon the order have been thrown.
You knew that the time was about to arrive, and only have looked the two big creatures next Roger,  who were charging their weapons, you have thrown away all the air from the lungs and you have thrown a quick glance toward that mountain, and you only was waiting for that Roger had given the order open wide the door and enter.

You had assisted at many operation like that, but never so close, and you heart was pulsing blood so fast that the taste of it was arrived in mouth, and almost you was disgusted of it, 
In those endless second, you have would wanted hear that phrase that everybody were waiting for, and it would been a liberation. But that phrase it would be never arrived. 

Only when Roger have stopped, and he have started smile, everybody, included you, have understand that we had reached the right side of the mountain, and Jabe setting operating that visual effect,  that we had elaborated together. 
And only when from the mountain have  been sighted a low white light that little by little have became yellowish, Roger have looked at all the creatures who have followed him, and when he have thrown a quick glance toward you, he have nodded, and immediately after he have clashed himself against that door, and only after another clash, the big creatures have followed him and immediately he have entered pointing his weapon again those creatures who were not understanding, what was happening. 

The yellowish light was spreading itself in that dark city, and some villains were escaping, screaming “The Golden Griffin is raising again, he is not dead! He is not dead!”, and when the two creatures inside the City Hall, have turned, they have found ourselves with the weapons pointed straight on their faces, and during that inexpected situation, they would have wanted catch their weapons on that table, but  the big creature behind Roger had taken them, and Roger, with a smile that you have never seen on his face, he have said: “You don’t move, this is the moment that we everybody were waiting for. The rebirth of the Golden Griffin and your defeat….”

You had not almost distinguished the words of Roger, as much they have been said in a sigh, and those words were more than a threat, it was a warning. 
And now the glance of Roger was something that you had never seen, and almost you had fear to meet it.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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