I arrive

In my solitary room and i look at the clock. Here it  is, that’s why i’m feeling like this. 
Our connection is around the corner. They missing just few minutes and it’s 19&19.
I feeling your closeness around me, and your arms are wrapping my belly, and only sweet words are touching my tiny part of heart.

My head is turning fast, and what is happening in these days maybe is the most intimate thing between us, even if we are one so far another, but what is happening between us have something magical. 

Maybe is  a game of destiny but maybe that visualization from your country, just one month after from the last one, maybe it wasn’t you but it’s something that make me reflect much.

My heart is beating strong, thinking of tonight. I have closed the eyes and the last pic i’ve see  have been your, and from those few seconds i have flew with you inside that twirl of emotions that have been Our Parallel World, and only when i have feel it once again, i have seen you next to me… above me, inside me, and i have explode once again, with you that was looking me whispering my name.
And only when you have embraced me sweetly, our heart got calm. 

Your arms around my belly, your words wrapping my being, and everything become Our Parallel World.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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