– 26 –

The evening have arrived much earlier than we everybody expected, but only because that day have been not one of the sunniest, but however that thin line that it dived the day from the evening everybody have noticed it immediately, and that darkness darker have been the begin of the fights of that evening, and they have began with a big fire in the middle of the city, and now that the villains were in majority, the only thing that they have could was plundering the houses of the creatures who were death on battlefield, but before to give up, the very last creatures still alive wanted fight till the end, make you see how they were worthing.

Roger was planning the latest things, keeping an eye outside the window, to check how much we were close to the nest of the Golden Griffin. 
The calm before of the storm was ended as soon that fire have been turned on, and the screams have spreading  all around, so Roger had haven’t fear turning on the device and stay in communication with the department, and he have asked you to turn on the other channel to stay in touch with us, and now even you have had the possibility to speak freely with me. 

Those screams and the noise of the big fire were covering all your moving, and that big doors were the only big obstacle between you and those two unaware creatures behind of it, and for those creatures inside was so hard distinguish the big noise inside and outside the big building, and Roger knew it well, but however he was so careful in his movements. He had to guide other five creatures behind him. 

Through the device he was speaking with the command of those creatures who were fighting in street and several times he have looked at you in waiting for news of me, Margaret and Jabe. 
You have looked at him, a bit worry because the communication with that trio was very poor, and in those instants in the middle of chaos, how much you would  wanted to have the skill of Roger to read the mind: instead you was screaming my name with all you soul, and finally you have been capable to establish a stable communication with that device that Jabe had given me.

Without scruples you have asked me first how i was doing and  only when i have replied: “I, we are fine! We are about to reach the right side of the mountain”,  you have thrown a glance to Roger who have looked at the mountain and in a sigh he have said: “Good girl!”refering himself to Margaret.
The time to act was about to start, but he had to know that we were  arrived to that right side of the mountain to open wide that door in front of him and see who were the two creatures  who leading those barbarians in streets of that tormented city since the Golden Griffin have been killed, seeing them straight into the eyes.

Now, everything was weighing on us, and our quickness to climb that mountain. 
From below, that right side seemed closer than we could imagined, instead it have been harder, and when it have fallen the evening. 
All of sudden the passageway that Margaret had learnt by heart,few days earlier, have became a new pathway. She hadn’t put in count that sudden changing  from a cloudy day, to whole darkness that have covered all that part in which they were.

But after a moment of discomfort, she have stopped and from that little bag that had brought, she have taken one flashlight and after have indicated the top of that mountain, she said: “We have to make in hurry!”, and when she have turned herself toward below, our glances have stared that big fire that was setting fire to the city, and immediately after she have looked at us and with a bit anxiety, she have said: “We have to run! They are waiting for our sign! Let’s go!” 

She had pronnounced those latest sentences with the awareness that now, in town the latest creatures were fighting, not  only for the Golden Griffin revenge, but above all for their survive, and after, she have started to walk faster than we have expected it.
Even Jabe, more nimblest than me, had difficulty keep up with her, and he have looked at me surprised, how much fast she was, and only when he have helped me to exceed a rock, we have been capable to reach her.


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