Throwing away

All the air from the lungs, i think what you have want do. 
And staring that bed and i can’t think to you.
Yes you can call me crazy, you have the full right, but how it have been beautiful. 

And now you are staring me with those two blue oceans in that way, without say anything you are say me everything

We are both crazy, and you know what i mean, but in this way we living fully own lives
We are hearing our hearts beating at unison, and we know the reason.
You want repeating it, and i want being embraced by you hearing your sweet words.

You are looking at me deeply, and i’m at your mercy.
We know we have to wait to stay alone, and til the sun is up to the sky, prying eyes may look at. 

Let’s rise the dark and let’s embrace us by Our Parallel World where nobody can’t see, and love each other, how we like it. With all our delicateness and a bit of perversion.

And in meanwhile it’s 19&19. Our connection is around.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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