– 25 –

“You will see that they will make it”,  had said Roger looking at you, who had wide eyes open, while you was staring the only device that it was permit you to communicate with me, by now turn off.
“I have married  one of the most skillest of the creatures of the world. and she will bring your beloved up to the mountain without meet any problem” he have added, now looking at the other creatures at your follow.

With those sentences Roger had wanted tranquilized you, but more than other things, he was praying that all the training he had done with her,  for the very first time, was for real useful.

Now it was matter of time, and in his mind, Roger was reviewing each step that Margaret was doing alone 
He didn’t wanted make everybody see, but even him was a bit worry, but if he knew Margaret, he knew that those thoughts were caused by the tension that everybody were breathing behind that enormous blue curtain. 

One of the nimble creature, had moved the great drapes and he had make everybody notice that sun was leaving the place to the evening and he had looked at Roger as refer point, but there were no need to look at him to know that within few minutes there would have been another evening of fight, and maybe  that evening would have been the last one, if everything would went how Roger would have expected.
Roger had personally checked once again the weapons of everybody, and only when he have taken your, he have looked at straight into your eyes, for a tiny second, you have perceived his fear, just with the mind, you have said: “It will goes everything ok. Close the eyes and take a long breath.”

Despite he was the greatest beast among those creatures, a bit of  fear was running in his blood, but luckily, you have been the only to notice it. After that second of self control, he have nodded you, in sign of thanks.
Most likely, this was the very first important operation that Roger was facing up to, and maybe without you and me he would not have been capable to send it ahead 
He knew perfectly, that  they were in minorance, but if  used it well, those few creatures would have been enough. 

Jabe, had sycronized the channel of communication not only with Margaret, but even with the base of the others creatures, so when Roger would have decide to enter in that big room of the City Hall, he would have warning who was in front of the computer in that secret department, and who was in lead of those remained creatures, he have would sent part of them to the City Hall.
And that moment was about to arrive.

Now he had to only know where we were arrived. He have looked everybody for a while, then he have pushed that small red botton on his device and looking at you, he have whispering the name of her beloved. 
After two falied attempted, the voice of Margaret have resounded in the earphones of everybody, then nothing more.
Roger have been to listen to what she was saying. Then only after have looked at you, he asked aloud how i was doing, and as always he have listen to her reply in silence, and when on his face have printed itself a big smile, he have replied her aloud, and you have guessed what she have said him.
Roger have replied: “I knew she was a smart girl” and saying so, he have tranquilized you, giving you a double pat on your shoulder. 
Looking at Roger who was closing the communication, you have thrown away all the air from the lungs.

And now that Roger had hear her beloved,and assured you that that expedition was about to arrive at destination, he have opened the other channel of communication, and with a quick code made by no sense short words, he was warning the creatures to stay ready, because when we would arrived up the mountain, the whole operation would have given the way to the defeat of the villains in the City Hall, and those creatures would been lost in a blink.
Or it was what we everybody were hope.

You had to wait only see a soft yellowish light that little by little would be lifted up to the sky. “


Listen to it⇓⇓


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