It’s from i woke

I have feeling your closeness around my being. 
Now that i’m in my solitary room, i can feel my heart beating like a crazy, and sweetly i perceive your arms around my belly, and your words “Tonight you have been fantastic!” make me turn my head. 
And you have been wonderful. Your eyes set on me while i was reaching that moment, and you that was whispering my name, and you was looking at me in those fateful seconds,  looking at just there, from  where you have could feel all the love spreading in my body.

All that passion have enveloped meand your arms have pulled me toward you. You wanted being enveloped by my little magic, and when it have explode once again, i have could feel your lips on mine, and your finger inside me have feeling my contractions have kept you inside, and only when i have left you, and Our Parallel World have enveloped us inside all his magic, and we fallen asleep sweetly embraced.  


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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