I don’t know

How you do it everytime. I have to throw away all the air from the lungs. You know how many times i have dreamt a place like this and you have brought me there.
A silently place with only your voice that wrap me all.

At end you will make me cry for real.
It’s a crazyness what i’m feeling, and only you make me feel what i’m feeling in these instants, my heart is beating fast, and everything is how i always wished. 

These colours, this calmness, You, me and Our Parallel World around us.
Everything is next to the reality that i’m breathless.

I’m shaking like a leaf and i shake my head.
Everything is so wonderful when i think of you, and our heart beating unison

We looked at each other and we remained breathless, for what we are feeling.

Tell me i’m dreaming and your are dreaming the same. 
We are in Our Parallel World and we don’t realizing of that.

Our mind get connect each other quickly and everything is turning fast.
We remaining speechless for what we are feeling. 
In silence we are listening to our hearts at the mercy of the waves.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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