– 21 –

When at end Roger have looked at that creature, they knew that the time have came, and just only after a moment of  self-doubt, tthat creature have started to  lead the group with Roger in second row.

The voices that the Roger’ spy had listened to were resounding in that great building, and only when Roger have made stop the group, he have could well distnguish one phrase: “When we will have gain that mountain, we can say that we have conquered the town.” and only after hear it, he have accellerate the steps, and without realize, he taken the place of that creature who was leading the group. 

Now there was no need of a guide, now it was enough follow those two voices that, the more they went on, the more they were distinguisable.
At guard of those long aisles there were anybody. Those creatures didn’t had thought to the passageway, and they had thought bad.

Silently and stealthily you with the other members, were crossing many and many aisles and only when Roger have lifted his big paw with closed fist, have made you understand that you were arrived in front of that enormous door  from which other side there were the fateful creatures.
And now the creatures who would wanted enter for first were the great one, and they have shared a quick glance with Roger who would have wanted did the same, but Roger himself have stopped them.

During that walk, Roger have changed his mind several times: before he would have attack them immediately, but he had calculated too much risks, and only at end have made you understand that it was better wait for the moment in which everything outside would become calm, to take them by surprise, and making you understand it, you and the others have nodded. And outside the fights were about to end, and those two creature inside, seemed were watching them outside the window.

“We  will conquering the Golden Griffin Mountain in the next hours!” had said one of the creatures looking at the scenario outside.
And now the anger of Roger was growing minute by minute, and all of sudden he have looked at you as if you in had found the reply of everything. You wasn’t surprised and without waiting for him you have asked: “What?”
Roger didn’t have still got used to talk fast, but he have said: “You call your beloved, and say her to put up better her plan. We will have need of her plan.” Very fast you was compreheding what was running in his mind, and without asking anything else you have turned on your device and with a low voice have called Jabe, and immediately after my name.

Jabe had taken a chair for me and he have placed next to his in front of those big monitors. 
Margaret was sat on old sofa waiting for news. I was asleep but when i have heard your voice, i got up and settled better on that chair and i have reply you, Jabe have given me immediately the micrphone, and with the same softness i said once again your name. I knew that those communication had to be short, but you first all, have assured me that everything was ok.

“We are inside the City Hall. They are planning to take the Golden Griffin Mountain. We have need of your plan”
When i was hearing your sentences, i was looked at Jabe and Margaret who in meanwhile got up and she have came closer to me and she have embraced me strong.
In that moment the sound of your voice was the only thing that was distract me from all that tension that turning in that dark local that was the special departament, but luckily there were Jabe and Margaret who were taking all the informations, and when you have ended the communication saying : “I love  you”, my heart seemed splash out from my body, and even ifi knew you had closed that channel, i have whispered: ” I love you too” givin the microphone to Jabe, who was looking at me, calling me several times, but it was the sweet voice of Margaret that have got me comeback in  that reality.

I have thrown away all the air from the lungs and i have looked at both, but only Margaret have said solmething that have made me feel better.
“They are fine. When you was hearing to Luke, i have spoke with Roger, they are about to stop them, but now they have need of your plan, and we have to go up to the mountain” then from a small showcase she have pulled out an yellow feather, and she given it to Jabe saying him: “I think you will need of it” and she have looked at him smiling. Jabe have taken it with the maximum cure, and he started to scanning it.
Then she have looked at me, asking me to exposing my first idea, while Jabe was working on what he was hearing to.”


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