And your closeness make me moving away from that world that have not need more angry. 

I close the eyes and sweetly my heart is start beating a bit more strong, and my head is about to explode. 

I can feel your breathe around my being, and it is taking me to Our Parallel World, and in a blink, our hearts beating unison, and our eyes meet each other, and i can hear your voice is saying me: “Breathe with me. Close your eyes, breathe with me”

I feel your hands on my hips, while one of them is caressing my face, and move a clump of hair. 
Our eyes dive themselves straight in each other. We miss the breathe.
You make me slide my hand inside your shirt, and you stop it on your heart. 
It’s beating like mine. 

I stare at you and my head explode inside of a multitude of colors, and at end of it there is you.
You give me the calm i have need. 

I would that you can  read these lines i write every day for you, to make you understand how much important you are in my life.
I throw away all the air from the lungs each time i think of you, and when our connection is about to begin, everything around turning always faster, and your hand are taking me strong, and throught your words, we are going to Our Parallel World.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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