– 20 –

After realised that Roger have stopped everybody who have followed, he have choosed  a couple of the most great and a couple of the most nimble of that group  who were licking their wounds.
You had have need of this need if it was necessarly: robustness and agility. 
And in our group only four creatures were entering in that category. 

Roger had collected all them in front of him and with few sentences had described the sistuation that they have would meet as soon entered in that City Hall.
“We don’t know who and how many we will meet inside there, but for sure i will have need the support of all of you. We will enter me and Luke first, but for have the shoulders covered, we will have need some of you. Who want come?” had asked Roger lokking at all those four creatures, without make see them any emotions.
But he had spent a long minute for each creature staring straight into his eyes, and the reply have been quick.

Unconsciosly, they knew that had even the choose to don’t come, but in a soft choir, they have chosse to come all together. After that decision, Roger have looked once again those creatures and he smiled proud, and he have looked at you nodding. “We will have more options to win with all these creatures.” while he was looking at him around, still looking for that greenish creature.

Staying next to him, you have learnt to know him a bit better and look for that greenish creature have became an obssession for him, and the more he was looking for him, the more some  woodworm have entered in his head, but luckily, you have been the only one who have noticed it, and only when you have came closer to him, you have asked: “What’s going on?” and Roger only after a bit in silence, have expose his theory.
After you have looked at him with wide eyes open, you have not replied him. You have prefered stay in silence and refletcting on what which as soon Roger had said. 

With all four creatures to follow, you and Roger had began to walk along a dark alley, and in very short time Roger have found that grid, and he made enter first the two nimble creatures to check where that passageway taking to, and in short time, one of the creature have come back, and with few breathe in body, he said: “… in a toilette, i have said to my friend continue, when i would  have take you inside i would have made him a sign and he would comeback.” 
Roger loved that spirit of initative, and he given a strong pat to him.

For his great size Roger would entered for last one. But despite his choice, you always been surprised by his lightness and quickness in movements.
When everybody are entered, the only creature who as remained inside have comeback, to make a small report of what he had seen.

He hadn’t seen anybody, but he had listened to someone who was talking with another one, and without much reasoning on it, he have thought that it was the leader of which Roger was talking about, and without wait for he had ended, Roger have asked him: “What he have talked about?” and immediately the creature have changed expression.
Almost he didn’t wanted say it, but he have taken courage and all in one breath he said: “They are planning to gain the Golden Griffin Mountain.” and when he ended have looked at everybody with a lost glance, and when he have looked at Roger, he have asked:”What do you think to do?” And Roger staring at him straight into his strange eyes, said: “It will the last thought he will have in mind. We are here for this isn’t?” and everybody have shared a glancce with Roger who was handling his weapon, and after a minute of silence, Roger have said: “Let’s guide us!” and after this order, Roger have looked at you, nodding, and you have followed him with the other creatures toward the main room of that City Hall.”


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