I still thinking

About and when i hear you say that phrase, shit all that world that we have buildt together become always more magic and everything i feeling all in a blink become true. 
I still shaking like a leaf. 
Thinking that everything i wrote in these  days it’s what i was feeling and you reply with those words. 

I still thinking that that reading it’s not a reading by chance. With that reading you have wanted replied and you have done it in the most beautiful  way possible. 
If i think how much passion you have put  on it

It was a clearly a reply. You have taken by rent those words, but you have hit the target. 
You have moved me. Your sweet smile, i didn’t have never seen you smiling in that way.
It have been the most beautiful gift you have gave me. 

Your words resounding in my head, and my lump in throat is closing itself. 
I looking at you and now i know Our Parallel World is surrounding us really, and that soft punch in the stomach i feeling in these instants it’s the beautiful emotion that i can feel, knowing that with those words you have wanted reply me. 
Now i want look at you only, asking you  to repeat those words in a sigh.
“I’m so in love…”.



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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