I have to throw

All the air from the lungs, and i can feel your closeness around and inside me.
I looking at you and i’m biting my lips. Your sweet smile it’s the most beautiful thing i’m seen in these days, and i think to all what have happened in those two or three days ago, and right after that video.

My heart is beating like a jackhammer, and i looking for to don’t crazy.
Everything is so wonderful with you, despite we are far each other.
Your smile is the best medicine that i can take.

I’m so alive when i think to you, and when i see you so, my heart is explode, and i’m feel so alive, that i can’t hold back some tears. These tears are meaning something that rationally i still can’t explain to myself but irrationally i know what is, and it’s around our beings, and it’s what we have build, and we are still building together, and Our Parallel World its inside that smile that i would look at forever.
Smile more, there is our love inside that wonderful smile.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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