– 16 –

Now it was the real time to act, and Roger was taking the reins of that group.
He had checked once again your weapon and he had reminded you how it worked, and you was looking at his moves with much careful. You didn’t wanted meet  any creatures of the other side, without further useful instruction.

You have put yourself a bit distant from the monitors of that large desk, and with Beaver, you was looking at the massacre that it was accomplishing itself in front of you, and you was remained speechless, and your heart was pulsing blood so fast that it wasn’t possible have the bowels upside down, and it wan’t time to reject everything, but the savour of the blood in mouth was arriving fast, and looking at Roger you , have made him understand that it was real the time to move. 
You have beckon and you put yourself next Roger who was next the door, and very slow it have been opened.

Everybody, included you, knew what kind of signs Roger was doing in silence, and  that large group of armed creatures have followed Roger who was hidden himself between the dark side of those alleys, till  the moment he have found a disarmed creature and just earlier, he had checked that it didn’t have belonged to his group, and without have mercy, he have killed with a hit with the rifle grip, and then he made you go ahead, warning everybody save the bullets when  they would be inside the real battle. 
That one who they had met, was  one of the many creatures left to die, even if he had a lot energies to fight hi last own battle.

Roger’s plan was exceed all the alleys and arrive in the middle of the clashes and launching his suprise attack when  less nobody expected it. Everybody had intuied it when they had excedded two alleys along the main bolevard, and in those alleys  you have had met several creatures of both side, dying or who were asking help, but Roger almost didn’t were seeing them
Almost you could read his mind, when his glance was met them: “By now i can not do anything for you” and he was continue straight for his target. And when by chance you have met his eye, you have understand that, even if  he had met one of  that group of which he was in lead, there were no  contradictions. This was a hard lesson that you have had to learn very soon, and at the next dying creatures, with heartbroken, you have had to go forward, even if those painful screams were piercing your soul.

You was looking at the big back of Roger and was making a question freely for Roger, but Roger haven’t could not reply in those instants, but he knew that you have would wanted hear his reply. Maybe he would given it to you when the group would have stop in the last alley to make the situation point.
And from how he was moving himself, it seemd that you had exceeded all the dark alleys at your available, and with his great fist he have made everybody sign to stop, and forming a circle, everybody have reached him, staring at him, waiting his speech. 

He had taken a glimpse toward the centre of the battle, and thank the Jabe’ device, had recognized  some of his group, and looking at everybody, he said: “We arrived just in time”, and after a long pause he have looked at you deeply, and without say anything, he have reply to that question that  earlier seconds you had in mind. 
You have looked at him straight into those big brownish eyes, and you have beckon. 

In that short sentence there was the whole sacrifice he had done during his career inside  force of order. and in that glance directed only to you, there was all the regret that he had have to swallow for don’t have could save all those creatures in those alleys, that were rappresenting all those that he would have save. 

Only you have could perceived that freeze that was running in his veins, and that shiver have crosssed even you.
That glance seemed endless, but when one of the creature enganged in the battle entered in that alley, everybody got back to the reality, and fortunately  Roger have recognized him right after as one of his group, and he have said: “We have came to support you!”, and the creature, after stared straight into the  Roger eyes, have realized that behind that big beast, there were other creatures who were looking at him, but above all , who were hearing those screams and clashes that have coming from that main street of the city.”


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