– 15 –

When Jabe have indicated Roger to enter in one of the most isolated alleay of the city, Roger himself had asked a further confirmation on where going. Jabe have checked onece again the informations that he had under hands and only after a double check, he have given the confirmation to his boss, and only a couple of seconds after, Roger through the speaker of his device, have said: “We have found it”.

While Margaret was using her powers of healer on me, Jabe had warned who was in front of the computer  that the the reinforcements were about to arrive, and for be sure the creature had given Jabe a password that he would given to Roger and only in front of the of a big tree, Roger himself havewould said it, and that big tree it would  opened.

After exceeded these small but crucial steps, Roger, Beaver and you entered in that cave, and what you have find have been a local very similar to the Roger special department, and who have welcomed you have been one of the creature who have helped Roger to build that special deparment, and when have been presented him in the group, he have been acclaimed as a hero.

You and Beaver were a bit distant from thoise creatures, you have waited for that Roger himself presented you, and after  tthe pleasantries, Roger have presented you, as the real hero of the situation, but what you have said have calmed the entusiasm that was turning in that cave. 

Only when Roger have emptied the big bag that he had brought, seemd that everybody got back to the reality, and only few of those creatures have examined the many weapons, and after a quick glimpse, they given Roger the way. 
Even if  it was not necessary to check the Roger weapons, they had to do. It was one of the hardest rules that that group had. Even if it been the Golden Griffin, they had to do it.

But now that Roger was entered in that group, it had to think to counterattack plan. 
As Roger special department, they had  a long desk with many monitors and when Roger went in front of those screens he have met the only creature sit on the only one chair, and the two have shared a quick glance to the monitors that was making see the whole situation outside.

There were clashes everywhere, and it have could see hooded creatures who were running against others, and some of them had batons and they clashing creatures fallen on the ground. It was wild scenario, and from what have said some of the creatures still inside the cave, they were in minorance.

You had seen the glance of Roger making itself always more hard and what he was seeing through the enormous screen, seemed enough to act immediately.
In the bag  the weapons seemed  overflow, and now that Roger had enjoyed the group, the group itself seeing Roger as like the undisputed leader, and everybody, included you and Beaver, was waitibng for his orders on what it had to do.

With a such quickness, he was giving to each members of the band the weapon, that he was think being right to each creature who he was calling. 
He didn’t know their own names, but it was enough for him a glance toward that one or that one that immediately they have understand that they had go to him. Roger, knew that there was n o time to waste, so when he was give those weapons to those creatures, he them show their functioning, and  he passing to the other creatures.

You was witness of Roger military preparation, and only when he had given all those weapons to those creatures in awaiting for to act just before of a screams  that it have would loaded everybody, those instants  of that silence, had frozen even the most bravest creature of that group, and only at end of all that your glance have stared that one of Roger, who only waiting for a tiny beckon of your head, and you knew that you had to do only you.
And after a couple of seconds, it have arrived. 
It was time to act.”


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