– 14 –

As Roger habit, he came out first and then the others to follow.
You have put yourself just behind him and have left Beaver that closed the door.
When the door came closed we have see the eyes of that scared creature looking at us with a forced smile, and we could not do anything, only looking at him vanish  behind that door, that seemed became always more heaviest.

When the small troop have closed the door, immediately Jabe have called us and he have indicated the bigger monitor in front of him and right after pressed a couple of bottons on keyboard, it appeared what our companion, friend and beloved were seeing. 
On each weapons had installed a mini webcam, so in case Jabe could send them in the right place: thing that in that instant, he had to do.

On the monitor, he had identified a location where there were some of the band with which Roger had talked to, and with simply and clear directions, Jabe was bring our men there.
Margaret had seen many times operations like that, but not in a situation dangerous like that, and ocassionally she throwing a glance toward mine. At end she came closer to me and she said: “Girly, if you don’t breathe you risk to don’t make it. Look at me!” She have put of while to convice me to leave the eyes from that monitor. 
Jabe had indicated me  what was your shadow, and i didn’t wanted stick off my eyes on that black silhouette.

I was hearing those clashes and those screams and they seemed me scariest than those we had listened when we landed, and maybe they were, and you was in middle of them, and this scared me alot, but Margaret had right, if I hadn’t breathed again i would not have made it to pass another minute in that state.
Margaret taken my face between her great paws, and without realized i dived myself in those green eyes, and from far i was hearing her voice that was saying to breathe very slow.

Till now i didn’t have know that Margaret was a healer, and only after a couple of minutes every bad thoughts  that were running in my mind all of a sudden, gone.
I had both of my hand in her great paws, and after a while, she have asked: “How do you feel dear?”
I have looked at her, and only few seconds i have could reply her: “Much better”.
In those big green eyes i have could see a total peace that it had pervaded my soul, she had understand it by my glance, and almost in a sigh, she said: “You could not assist the operation in that state. From the very first glimpse i have understand that you have an extraordinary connection. I could not made you continue see those monitors. Luke have would feel your agitation. Even him, now he calmer. He could feel your emotions stronger than ever.” And she have take a look at Jabe, and Jabe have opened a communication channel. 

Whispering, Jabe have called Roger through that kind of clock. “Roger? , and Roger without answer, had pushed a little botton of that device, in that way Margaret could communicate with him, as they always had done. Menthally. In those endless seconds, neither me neither Jabe knew what they say each other, but only after Roger have looked at you, he have smiled and only have stared at you a bit, he have whispered: “Thank my dear!”
I have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and only after what Margaret had done on me, and from the dry anwer Roger had given her, i have understand how much strong our connection was.

Now, even you was calmer and operation have could go on faster.
Jabe so have actived the mini microphone on your device, and all of sudden we both have heard our hearts beat unison, and you have whispered my name, and when i have heard your voice, have bited my lips and i have mumbled something that only you have comprehended, and when you have replied saying: “I love you” i have fallen on that stool next Jabe and i have started to look at the monitor in silence.

It was missing very short time to reach that other hidden place where the leader of that group was directing everybody toward hidden streets toward the nucleus of that battle.
For what Roger knew, they had need of other weapons, and from his armory he had filled a bag with the latest weapons that he had bought on black market, and he knew that even the other have would used not conventional weapons, and that that would be one of the hardest battle that they have would faced up to.”



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