Lift your face

 And for a moment look at me in silence. Tell me why, and i will understand.
I feel your closeness making itslef stronger, but everything i see it’s your indeference,but in meanwhile i feel our minds connect each other in a stronger way. 
Lift your face and talk to me. I throw away all the air from the lungs, and everything become a crazyness.

Certain i can’t lament myself, maybe i’m me that i claim more, and here i’m throw away everything i have in body, and when i close the eyes i feel your hands around my being, and everything what i’m think vanish in a blink.

Maybe it’s because in these moments i really need of you, and some sign of you it would be of relief.
I begin to feel our small electric shocks crossing our minds and i can dive in your tiny mole, when my heart begins to beat unison with your.

Lift your eyes, and looking at me for a moment in silence. Tell me what are you feeling, tell me that are the same feeling i’m feeling in these instants.

Look at me so, in silence. 
I need of you. 


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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