– 13 –

Now, yet we had to thought to help the band that had came out from his hidden place.
There was no time to reflect on what to do with the draft of my plan. Now it was time to act.

With the facial program, Jabe had almost classified all the killers of the Golden Griffin. He had programmed it to recognize them by measure and size and movements, due the clothing similar for both group, and now he was looking at Roger to know what he could do more.

We could only stare the monitor that it was our mirror to see what has happening outside, and without other tecnologies we could feel the smell of smoke that was wrapping again the city.

Margaret with her beautiful green eyes was looking at us scared. 
Since when the Golden Griffin have been killed, and the fights were began that evening itself, and despite she was married with Roger, a creature grew up between police, patrol, and at end  that special deparment that Roger had put up, seemed that she had never get to used herself to all those rioting, and she have looking at him always with a bit of worry. I could understand her, even if me and you had faced up to many danger, one was not the same of other, and i could feel her worry, even if she was in silence and her glances were only of circumstance, and under those  forced smiles, there was the love for his beloved, and each time Roger was looking at her, he was attempting to assure her, but she was too smart, and Roger could not cheat her.

I came closer to her and with the most assuring smile i have said: “Since we arrived he have always done the right thing, For what i know him we are in good hands” and Jabe who was next to me  typing fast on that keyboard, have stopped himself, and he have confirmed what i had said smiling her, and he got back to see the screen in front of him

Margaret knew that we had right, but when Roger had reunited the only creature who was entered in the building, in a state of confusion and he have given him a weapon, we everybody have looked at him speechless.
Beaver was still trembling and when have grip that pump shotgun, have looked at Roger, as if he was go crazy.
“Here it is that things that you can’t figure”, have whispered Margaret that got up on her feet and she went toward Roger and she said him something that we haven’t hear to.

We have looked at each other, but above all you have stared straight into my eyes and without say anything , you got up, and you went directly toward that armory starting to look for something you could manage with ease. 
I have sighed your name, but i knew it was what you wanted do, and then i shared a glance with Margaret and she have said: “This is the worry i feel each day. Now you can comprehend me.”

Roger have came closer to you, and he have illustrated a couple of weapons that you would have could easy use, and after you have examined a couple that Roger have given you, you have choosed the most handy, and only with that weapon in hand, you have came to me, and with the sofest voice you have said: “We have landed here, not only to give courage to those creatures, but even fight with them, and now it’s time!”

Only after heard those words, i have throw away all the air from my body, and looking at straight into those blue eyes, mine got wet, but i knew you had right: we could not solve that big mess only woth good words and plans that could result even a total failure. We had to even get dirty the hands, and this it was  the time. Margaret have reccomend herself to Roger, i have done with you. 
But before you left, you had to stop by Jabe, who was setting some kind of clock, but they weren’t clocks at all. They were devices for recognizing the good from the bad. 

“With these it will more easier for us recognize everybody” had said Roger, who seemed know that device that he was puting himself on hs big arms. 
Once put it on your wrist, you taken a look at it, and after a couple of minutes, you have understand how it worked, and you have looked at Roger. Beaver seemed more worried about the clock than what he had to face up to.

After a quick glance to everybody who had to remain inside that building, the others quickly have thrown away all the air from the lungs, and they came out mixing themselves in the night.”


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