– 12 –

I have looked at Roger nodding, but when i was about to remebember him what i had in mind, from outside of the building we had heard a clash, and from the only window we had could see a flash, and several clashes were followed.

We had not realize that the evening have came. The time have passed quickly.

We could hear still hear the voices of the group as soon contacted, because Jabe had not turned off the speaker, and the confusion among those creatures was growing, while only one voice was giving orders to the others. 
We were listen to them with wide eyes open, we could see Roger thoughtful and at the same instants he was thinking how move himself, and the more he was listening to those creatures throught those speakers, the more he was looking at me because he wanted acting as soon possible. He have asked me to came closer to him and with little gestures he have made me understand to explain him what i would have do, while in street was unleashing another night of fights.

Jabe was checking the street in front of that building throught another webcam, and he was marking each single creatures who was goind down in street, but this time have been easier to him. 
Now those in streets were those who wanted taken by surprise the others, and he had turned on a program facial to recognize them, when the fight would been out of control, and it would be easier to help the others. 

While i was esposing my idea to Roger, Roger was smiling to you and you was giving back that smile. I didn’t have understand the reason, but in that moment there was no time to explain it, on the contrary, Roger had to be careful on what i was saying. 
But there was another distraction, but even an assuring thing for Roger. 
What we had not know still, it was that behind grat framework of the Golden Griffin it was hid a secret door, and  after a while it was opened itself and it have came out Margaret who have saluted everybody, and with all her sweetness, have described what she had seen as as soon after the first explosion. She have went Roger, asking him how he doing, smiling to Jabe and to the Beaver.

“We have been capable to warn them just few minute before that eveything this exploded. She have a good plan. She was about to explain, when you arrived. However is everything ok?” 
With those big green eyes she muttered, looking around as Roger handed him the stool, and he have caressed her face, but immediately after he got back to me and, with a sweet smile, i have continued to explain him.

“By now we know who with we have to fight against, and from what i have understand, since they have killed the Golden Griffin, they have not got back up to the mountain, we could pretend that the Golden Griffin have been only wounded, and with some tricks we could pretend that the he is still alive…” i have left that last sentence in suspension, and only when i have ended to expose that plan, i have looked at you first then Roger, and only when i seen the expression on the Roger face, i have immediately understand that i had said a stupid thing, but but she wasn’t so stupid. 
I could perceive many little gears that were turning fast in Roger head, and looking at Margaret even, i could see that she was reasoning too on what i had said, and without realizing Jabe was already working on that trick of which i had talked about.

And after a couple seconds of deafening silence, despite the fight outside, Jabe asked me “A stuff like that?”indicating the screen in front of him, and i remained breatheless, because it like that i had figured it. A yellowish light that little by little  was rising up to the sky and very slow its light was spreading through the city.
“It was like this before that they have killed him! ” Margaret said, looking at Roger.

After a couple of seconds he said: “We can make it…we have to only go up the mountain and study it better. We have to send them away at all cost. Your plan is good but we have to improve it” and Roger knew how to make.”


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