– 11 –

Before to start i thrown a glance toward to you, and sweetly you have nodded smiling.
Roger have looked at you thoughtful, but when he have begin listen to me, he have thrown a glance toward you with wide eyes open. 

In that dark open space, it could hear only my  delicate voice, and seemed wrapping everybody.
Jabe was staring at that keyboard in front of him, waiiting for to tap the next bottons, while he was looking what was appearing on that screen.
Slowly i have catched his attention and he stop himself look  toward other part except mine.
He have throw away all the air from lungs, and i’ve done the same. It seemed that i had anything to say, but when i started he have looked at me with all his eyes set on me.

“I don’t know you well, Jabe, but i can comprehend your thought. What have happened in these hours have been so hectic, and it could make go crazy anyone. I don’t know how you can be so calm. Here everybody, above all Roger, have to counting on you on everything, but what Roger have asked you to do, maybe it’s the most important thing you can do. If we can warn the band about the next attack it’s already a good steps toward a possible victory.”

I had left the speech in suspension, looking at Jabe hypnotized on that keyboard. He have not make any sign of understanding, but he seemed reflecting on what i had said. 
With a thread of voice i have continued.

“If we want stop this massacre, all the town have need of you, and you are the only one to hacking a computer with a such speedy. Beaver would not recognize in which alley he have heard those voices, as much he confuse is… ” At this sentence Jabe have looked at Beaver  still with the agitated tail who looking at himself around without know what do. 
At end Jabe have stared the big map on the white wall, and he thrown a quick glance Roger and you, and only after have looked at the keyboard, he have begun to write the next line of command. He hadn’t still said anything, and not even Roger have been capable to read his mind. He could only hear my words that were running fast in his head mixed with some line of command to make that entrance faster. But when you have looked at Roger to have some confirmation that my speech had taken the center, Roger have looked at Jabe who was starting to write those line of command, and when Jabe have begin to use all those small appendixes of his paws, he  have understood that my words had obtained the wanted result, and Roger have given you a strong pat on your legs, and you have smiled, and sweetly have stretched the hand toward mine, and when i touched your, i have thrown all the air from the lungs, and only when i have reached you, i have embraced you, looking at Roger behind you.

The sound of that keyboard had made hope that those words had made Jabe got back on the right way, and those my sentences had made reasoning Jabe that what Roger was asking him to do was the only better thing to do, and it seemed that as much he was typing fast, seemed that he wanted  as soon possible warning that band, and only when Jabe have called Roger came closer to him, we had understood that he, already done.

When Jabe given Roger the microphone, we everybody held the breathe. 
Even Beaver all of a sudden have stopped to beat the tail on the ground.
Jabe had to only push ENTER  to make  hear the Roger voice to that band, and he have waited for the beckon of the big creature. 

Roger knew the reaction time of those creatures and when he have presenting himself, he done it very slow. 
Jabe had opened another channel of that computer, in that way not only we could know, how many creatures there were in, but even what they were saying, and Roger could realize, of how were their reaction.

He choosed the right words to don’t make suspicious the listeners and he have began immediately saying that they had to prepare themselves in a fight withn in few hours. 
Almost upheaveled, we have looked at Roger when he had said those words. Neither he have attempted to say them to look for a hide place. He knew it was a wasted time, and now they wanted only fight, even at cost to loose  their best creatures. 

Through the speaker we had could hear great movement among the lines of those creatures, and only a voice have thanked Roger naming the Golden Griffin, and without realize we everybody have taken a glimpse to the big framework, then Roger have began to stare at me.

When he have ended with those unknown creature, Roger have came closer to me, and looking at me deeply, he have asked me to refreshen his mind with that plan that was rounding in my mind.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐– 10 –


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