When those

Eyes meet mine, everything vanish, and everything around become Our Parallel World, it’s the only thing that i want. 

When i feel your sweet embrace around my belly, it’s the only thing that make me feel alive.
Our sweet electric shocks crossing our minds and make go crazy everything we have in head.

Our soft punch in the stomach is tightening our bowels, and it’s arrive till to the throat, and we can’t swallow, and it’s enough look at your wonderful eyes and you hands are taking me in that shed, and everything become Our magical world.

I had to throw away all the air from the lungs when i have read some lines of an article in which explained  what it is happening to us from five years.
Without realize, we have found ourselves, and what i’m feeling it’s because i find in you my soulmate, and you have in mine your.

That heat, that soft punch in the stomach it’s a clear sign of that  feeling that we feeling, and that explosion of sensation is because we are communicating. 
So it’s not a crazyness what i’m feeling in these instants. I’m shaking like a leaf, and i know it what you are feeling too.

We can communicate also in this way, and what we are feeling is moltiplicated at the maximum.
We are not crazy. It have happened and it is continuing also in these seconds.

We are feel ourselves close than before. 
It’s our connection.
I’m feeling your closeness, and it’s the most beautiful thing that have happened in my life.
You are special.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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