– 10 –

Now  we waited for that Roger spoken, or at least had said something on what we could do. 
That tapping of that kind of beaver, was become something  annoying even for that big creature.

Roger was looking at one by one, attempting to put together any thought that were running fast in the mind of who he was looking at him.

We had not know how he working, but we knew that he was scanning faster than he could all the possibilities that the others pulling out even without say anything.
He had discarded all thoughts of Beaver: they were only a mishmash of nosense words.

While slowly his glance turned toward me, and what it was being born in my mind it was a draft of good plan, if  was studied well, and at end he have said: “What she have in mind isn’t wild. Since the Golden Griffin have been killed, none of the inhabitants have went up on the mountain. I have placed a fence around, and for safety  i placed a cam. Jabe…” and Jabe turned on another screen, and from there, they could have checked everything. Roger had placed that cam immediately after the murder, to understand who was have been, but in that case the saying: “The guilty always go back on the place of the crime” it haven’t worked, and so we had a small point in advantage.

My idea was still rough, but slowly was taking form, and Roger with his smartness had already drafted a plan, but what he could not avoid was the next attack, and only in those few seconds, he have thrown a quick glance to Jabe, who have immediately understand that he had to put himself in front of  another screen, and start  to think to face up other kind of hacking, and only looking at Roger, he had immediately understand that, he had to make the exact contrary of what he had done with the computer of the killers of the Golden Griffin.
He had to make them understand that that special deparment, with Roger in lead, had as soon uncovered that they were not the killer of the Golden creature, and now they would could counting on that special deparment.

Jabe knew what had to do, but looking at Roger, he have thrown away all the air from that thin body. Roger knew well that glance, but he did not lose his composure.

Jabe for the last time have looked at Roger, and Roger himself have confirmed what that creature didn’t wanted do.
“You let me enter in that computer, and i do the rest.”

For what we had comprehended Jabe was contrary to enter in any computer, and let know to the victims that have been hacked. This was his moral principle, but what he didn’t see, it was that Roger wanted do it, only for the good of the community, and maybe for Jabe in those instants, it’s was very far.

We had not know well how was reasoning his mind, but for what it was happened in those hours: everything and in hurry, we could understand that he could have his mind a while in confusion, and what Roger had ordered him to do, and for Jabe it could be a hazzard.
I jumped off from your legs, and i came to Jabe who was starting to tapping those first line command, almost by heart.

Roger have looked at you and you have nodded, and without say anything have said him: “She’s very good with words. Jabe have need to be assured that he is doing the best thing of his life, maybe he don’t realize it. Let her speak with him”

The two have shared a glance, and at end, have looked at me who have sat down next Jabe, who have examined with cure.

I left him begin tapping those first line command without interrupt him, and i knew that they were the very first easier, and only when i understand that he was entering in that part of no return, when he have thrown a quick glance toward Roger, and Roger have looked at me, and only when he got back to stare the screen, i have asked him if i could speak.
He have stopped to tap on that keyboard without say anything.

At his own way he given me the way. I have shyly smiled him and with all the calm of which it needed the moment and the situation, i have started to talk.”



Listen to it⇓⇓


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