– 9 –

There was just another one stool where a third creature could sit down in front of that long desktop and you have taken sit looking at me, and delicately you have made me sit down on your knee, and when i felt your hand hold my hips tight, i have whispered your name, and immediately you have perceived my agitation, but you have got calm me, sighing: ” They know what they are doing.” But i knew even you was agitated as much me

We have looked at Jabe who was tapping on that keyboard faster than he could. His paws almost were invisible, as much he was fast, and the sound of the bottons, was the only sound that we were hearing in that dark and empty room. 
And when Jabe have pushed the ENTER botton of that keyboard, his whole frenzy have stopped itself, and very slow, he got back between us, and looking at that big creature at his side, he have turned on the great speakers and from them it have begun to hear some croacking sounds, and in background some far voices, and it was that Roger and Jabe wanted, but after checked that sound Jabe have settled better some command lines, and immediately that annoying sound have vanish, and only when those voices seemed  came from  that decay building, Roger have given two strong pats on Jabe shoulder, and despite he was about to fall from his chair, he have smiled at his boss, after that Roger have said him: “Well done!” but he knew that his works wasn’t over: now hacked one computer, Jabe had to hacking the other one, but now he wanted enjoy himself his victory, hearing to what they were talking about.  

We have looked at Jabe, smiling. It seemed that he have missing only a cigarette in mouth and his satisfaction would been at peak. He had lifted the legs on the table, and it seemed that it was one thing that he was making each time he ending a job, but this time have lasted  very short. 
While Roger was listing the names on a sheet, someone, most likely the leader, was giving orders for the next attack, that it would been planned in less than one hour or so.

We were hearing those sentences with fear printed in our faces, and as Roger have told us, what had seen at our landing was only a little taste, what they were planning, it  was attack of colossal dimensions, and this time they would shot, when the band woud be ready.
And this last sentence have made us understand, that next fight it would be scheduled before than the twentyfour hours that Roger had thought. 

We have looked at each other thinking what we have could do, and this time we had not any idea in mind.
We only could look at Roger and Jabe who were contemplating themselves in the hope to find something ingenious and quicker than the plan of that band.

After a suspended moment that seemed lasting an eternity, from the door have entered another creature, and only when he came closer we have recognized him: he was who we had met in street, and Roger had saluted in silence.
Quickly he have came directly in front Roger, and it seemed he had ran faster than he could to reach that building and only after have reported what he had heard in an alley, one of those marked on the map, he have thrown a glimpse toward us, but he seemed didn’t care of.

He was staring the map of the city and Roger, and he was repeating like a broken record, what he had said loudly Roger, and Roger himself was pointing always more the finger against those of  which Jabe had hacked the computer, and Jabe was trying calming that agitated creature, saying him that his last hacking, he had uncovered what the other band wanted do.

The creature looked liked to a beaver, was agitating tail, marking the time, in which we everybody had to do something, and what we had comprehend, it have been that the leader of the band,of which we had hacked their computer, wanted take  by the surprise the other one while the last one was counting hers deaths, and put up their new reign, deleting once for all the remebember of the Golden Griffin

It was useless speaking. Roger had right, and what it had reported the agitated beaver, it was the proof the Roger himself wanted to have. And now every glances of the presents, were set on that big creature stand still in foot.”


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