– 5 –

Hearing that sentence, we have made us the same question.
As we had seen, the most similar situation that we had faced up to, have been that one where Rob had lost his life to defend the others creatures of that small  city, but this was a total different, and only being embraced by you, i have felt myself secure, but when the thought got back on what we had seen as soon landed, everything was start to being confused. 

You have embraced me tight at your chest, and i have craddled myself by your breath, and only when you have said: “Let’s try to sleep”, for the very first time i have throw away all the air from the lungs and i have tightened you, and slowly i have closed the eyes and i fallen asleep.
I haven’t be sure that you have sleep. Maybe you have slept few hours less than me, but when i woke, i was alone in bed. 
I have given a quick glimpse to that small room with those forniture, and my thoughts have went around a bit, but when i have hear you chatting with Roger and Margaret,  i got back in the present, and in hurry i put on the first thing that i have found, and i came out. 

I came out from that room very slow: i really wanted hear on what you was talking about. I placed myself in dark of the that threshold, and for a while i have listened to your speech with Roger.
I remained fascinated by your passion you had put on what you was saying them, and from where i was, i have could see only see Roger who was very interested, and i have could only hear the murmurs of Margaret sat on the sofa.
And only when by chance, Roger have lifted the face, he have seen my shadow reflected on the opposite wall where i was, and he have smiled looking at you, making you understand that i was arrived, and immediately you have turned yourself and finally our eyes met. You got up and delicately came to me, asking if i had slept well. I just nodded blushing.  It seemed me to have interrupted something very important. 
You have assured yourself  that i was comfotable on that sofa, while Margaret was, already in the kitchen to brought me something to eat.

When Margaret have comeback with a small tray with the breakfast that i have always loved, she have smiled me, and i have thrown a glance toward you, shaking the head.
I knew, that there was your little hand, but Roger have immediately explained me that in that building there was a bakery and he each morning was going there to take the warm bread, and it have been a pleasure to take some croissants extra for their hosts. In that moment, i have felt myself the most cuddled girl in the world, despite  the seriouness of the situation in which we were ended.

Tasting the good breakfast i wanted being updated on what you and Roger had talked about, and when Roger had invited us to visit his special department, you have thrown a glance toward me waiting for a small beckon.
I have looked at Margaret who have sweet smiled and Roger have said: “As i told Luke, there is no to worry about. 
Coming out in the day it’s the safest way to visit the city. My office though is close, as Luke is worry about you, i worry about my Margaret: if had to happened something, i would like reaching her in a blink” and he have invited me to go next to the window. He have indicated me two distant buildings on the same sidewalk. And when i got backward, i have given a look to everybody and shyly i have nodded, and Roger looking at you first then Margaret, have said: “We have waited for only this” and he have indicated that small smile on my face.

You have smiled me too, and when i was ending the breakfast, you have explained me what Roger and you had planned when the fights would have begun. 
In the special department, Roger had buildt a hide place where he could have spy the riot, and maybe recognize some member of this or of that one band, even if it was really hard distinguish the one to the others. 
“Why?” i asked.
And you have looked at Roger who was a bit fearful to reveal that small but, maybe the biggest thing that he had discovered, and while he taken the courage to speak, he have looked at Margaret who have nodded and from the drawer of the desk in front of the window, she have took a small printed small of paper, and she have gave me it. 
There were some few words printed on it, but i was so taken by the Roger glance that i waited for he started to speak before to read those words.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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