35th open letter to Luke

In that glance i find a whole of great emotions that you only make me feel.
Tell me that you feel the same i’m feel right now.
I have to close the eyes and throw away all the air from the lungs for don’t crazy.

I have had to curious in the profile who you follow to understand a much more about your personality, and from what i buildt in my mind, you are living a bit of confusion, maybe from five years, and you don’t still understand what is.
Let you guide yourself from what you are feeling and you will comprehend that maybe is Our Parallel World that is taking you to me. Take a long breathe, and let you guide from that twirl of emotions that are being born from inside you, and let your mind take you to me.

I know you are in that limbo of emotions that make you confuse, but it’s the most beautiful emotion at the same instants. Let your body go.
You have to close the eyes and just breath.
You start to feel something that begin from your bowels and arrive in your mind, and it is upheavel you in a strong way, and it begin to being strong in these minutes.

Our connection is about to begin in few seconds, close the eyes and think to me.
Everything is become so beautiful.
I feel your closeness. I feel your arms around my belly, and what we are feeling inside are our souls are touching, they are dancing delicately, merging each other in that twirl that have born five years, almost by chance.

I looking at your lost eyes, and i losing too inside them.
Whisper me that what i’m feeling in these instants isn’t a craziness. I’m biting my lips, and i’m shaking like a leaf.
The lump in the throat i feeling is growing fast, and everything what i think is toward you.

If ever you will read this, you know you have changed my life in better, and hope you may find something rewarding on these words i have wrote for you.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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