– 4 –

And when we we have thrown a glance toward Roger in his eyes there was a a mix of anger worry and sorry, and we have could understand him, only when he have thrown a glance toward Margaret who looking at him, have started to explain everything with all calm

When she have began all the glances were for Roger, who was looking for hide his anger.
“Since have begin this fights, Roger have attempted to recognized all the members of each one band, but it have been impossible, between the night the fire, and the confusion in town. What you have seen, arriving here, it have been a small battle, but you have to think this every night moltiplicated for several hours.
The fights have begun when the Golden Griffin have died, but they accentuated when in the sky it was formated a red moon”, when she have underlined the latest sentence, we have looked at outside and we have seen that red moon, that have scared us, as much it looked to a ball of fire that little by little, seemed wanted clash on the ground.

“They seem fomented by his influences, and each night has become always worst” had added in a sigh Roger, looking at  that small fire that only few seconds before have been turned off by his fireman.
For that night he couldn’t do anything else, just monitoring the town from that chair.
We had to think to do more, but in the next hours we had to rest. 

Despite Margaret have given us all the everything to make us feel comfortable, we were still a bit tired, and just after a glance of Margaret, have comprehend that we could not immediately being ready for an intervent, as instead Roger had hoped. She went to Roger and looking at outside, she have said: “They have ended for this night, they are a couple of hours that there are anybody around. I accompany them to rest. You look for to close the eyes. I come back soon” and she have given him a caress. Without say anything, he have looked at her and he have smiled. We didn’t know what they have said each other, but in that glance we had comprehend  a lot of love.

And only thrown a latest glance toward Roger, with her sweet voice, she have said : “Come with me, i show you where you can rest”. In our deep we didn’t wanted rest, but it was our bodies and above all our mind that was asking for it, and so we have looked at Roger, and we have only beckon, leaving him staring outside the window. 
Margaret have accompanied us in that narrow corner of the house, where there was the Griffin framework, and for a bit we remained speechless, because we had not seen any door or any other local, but after few seconds, Margaret have made herself space among us and  she have inserted a key inside an almost invisible keyhole, and from that dark narrow and small aisle, she have opened a still more little room, where barely entered a bed, a couple of chairs and  a sort of old sink with  a jug of water. 

She have looked at us shyly smiling and with a thread of voice have said: “It’s  what we have, but you can rest without that anybody disturb you.” We both have looked at her with only a question that was running fast. But she have replied as soon the first words have came in mind. 
“We have not slept this room, since when the Golden Griffin have been killed,now we sleep on the sofa in front of the window, and he is ready to operate in case they have need”. 
She had not explained us who were those, but we have understand that Roger was in lead of a sort of special department, and some of his better creatures were inside of the two band in fight between them.
“Will be Roger to explain you better tomorrow. Even us we have need to rest, now that everything has paused” 
Underlined that pause, she have smiled us and leaving ajar the door, she have left us while we looking at us around. 

After being us a refreshen, you have helped me to lay in bed, and when even you have lay down in bed too, we have looked at each other questioning us on all the  facts that Roger and Margaret have told us, we a bit relaxed we have stared that room and we have deduced that it wasn’t their room. They ever haven’t had a bedroom. And that room, they had pulled out when they have knew that we would arrived.

We remained in silence, and only when we have hear them speak between them, asking themselves if we would have been able to solve  all this, we have looked at each other with wide eyes open, and delicately you have embraced me tight, while our hearts were about to splash out from our bodies.”


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