Looking at

Straight into your eyes  i can perceive your sweetness of your soul, and everything  is wrapping me.

In your eyes there is something inexplicable wonderful that arrives directly to my soul, and what i’m feel right now is our soft punch in the stomach that is tightening itself always more. 

I feel your closeness making itself sweet around me, and i can feel your arms surrounding my belly from behind, and sweetly you turn me round and finally your eyes meet mine.

Your delicate voice call my name and my heart begin to go crazy. 
I would like think that in all  this craziness there is something real, and that you can perceive it too, in the sweetest way i making in these instants.

Our Parallel World is raising itself around us and when we will inside of it, we will can feel our electric shocks crossing fast our minds, and realize that everything is all real.
We feel our heads turning like two crazies. 
Everything this is a craziness, but what we can feel it’s only ours.

We have to throw away all the air from the lungs, and only when we all alone, you and me, we can find the peace of sense. 
Since when there is this thread that is unite us strong, and when i check the clock, that moment is about to come in a second, and when arrive, everything explode, and i feel your arms tightening me stronger than ever, and i know that in these seconds despite our effective distance, we are closer than we can imagine. 

Our souls are touching each other and we can feel it. 
Everything is limite itself to only us, and you can feel i’m start to shake like a leaf, while you look at me shyly smiling, whispering my name.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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