After given a last glimpse to that framework in that dark side of the house, we everybody got back in the salon, and Roger have sat next to the window seeing outside below that fraction of the city, and Margaret have sat in front of him, next to the old television, leaving us the comfy sofa. 
Without realizing, you have taken my right hand and placing it on your knee, you have tightened it strong. 
I was upheaveled, only when i have felt your hold make itself stronger, i have turned myself toward you, and sweetly i have smiled you. 

You have feel my heart was beating always faster, and only making the next question, i would get calm.
Roger have left you formulate the question. Margaret had thrown a quick toward him, and in that glance we have could understand that she had said him: “It will be easier for them being surrounded by a sense of normality”, and a beckon of him it have left us make the question aloud. And been you to make it.

“When the Golden Griffin have been killed? Where he was located?” 
Those were the first questions have jumped in our heads, but we had many others that were running, but to start we had to have the main informations.
Roger have begun to reply to the second one, maybe the most important. He have looked Margaret as if he wanted her approvation, and a short beckon of her, have given him the way. 

He got up and he taken another two wooden chairs and he have settled them close to the window, and with a glance made us understand to sit down there, and look at outside.
He have left us to see a bit below. He remained in silence as long as we have looked at below, as long as we have looked at that town in milion of pieces. Small fires were still on, but they were under control.
We have looked at that scenario with wide eyes open, upheavaled, and when we have lifted the faces toward those creatures next us, they have hold back the breath, then they have threw it away. 

And when Roger have started to reply to that question, he have looked at us deeply.
He seems that he was telling a vampire story, and his tone of voice have became deeper.
He came behind us, and have began.
“See that mountain peak opposite?” we nodded.
Now it was I who squeezed your left hand tightly, and we were seeing a mountain top surrounded by endless flames, and its smoke made it hazy. Without add further we had understand that Golden Griffin have lived there, and it had choose to live there, because it could have control the town, and by the emphasis with which Roger had ask us that question, we had comprehend that those peak was burning from that “damned evening”.

In few less of a couple of seconds, without asking anything else, we had comprehend all that matter, and make other questions was only a waste of time.

The scenario that was presenting itself in front of us, have been one of the hardest that we have could figure.
The framework that Margaret have made us see, rapresented the Golden Griffin on that peak of that mountain with his  spread wings, and what have happened very slow have taking form in our minds and have made us freeze the blood.
And as we had imagined that framework describing the real measure of that creature, and it’s was real a majestic creature, but he had only one, but maybe the most serious handicap. 
To take off he had to run, and that evening he was taken by surprise by their killers.

The town have been waken by his screams, and by the first descriptions, it have been a slow and painful death.
Usually to take off the Golden Griffin went down  till half mountain and from there he could start to gain momentum.
It seemed that they had surrounded the great animal, and the Golden Griffin to fight against them had  used his great wings, but the more he was agitating the wings, the more  he was feeding the fire, and  we only could imagine the rest, and what we were seeing in front were the latest flames in which have died the creature. 
Flames that despite, Roger had sent the firemen to turn off, were still high in the sky.

Our hearts seemed don’t stop to beat like tow jackhammer. Everything we had seen in our minds was what exactly have happened, and after a quick sharing of glance, we have throw away all the air from the lungs, and only after stared both those creatures, we have looked at once again the peak of that mountain, and in a thread of voice, you have said: “They haven’t to be left unpunished…” and Roger have shared a quick glance with Margaret who have said: “The fights have started since when the Griffin has died. Roger know that one of the two gang fight to have the right to condamn the other, but since have began this fights each one wants make justice at their own way. And the only way they know it’s this” and she have indicate the street below, and when she have looked at Roger, in his glance was well printed he hadn’t know which of  the gangs had killed the Griffin.”


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