-2 –

That sharing of glances has laste a couple of second, but seemed endless, maybe in those seconds we have studied for the very  first time the  greateness of those creatures.
We were still upheaveled by that journey and from what we had heard, and seen that those creatures were still  indistinguishable form at our eyes.
But very slow, the thin mist in front of the eyes was vanishIng and those creature were taking form. 

They taller and bigger than us, and that apartment had the perfect dimensions for those ernomous creatures, who at first glimpse they could look like two elephants but smaller. They had a kind proboscis, but it seemed rectractible, and it was more pronnounced in the male rather than female. 
We had noticed that when the male was looking that small fire worry and he had sniffed the air, he have pulled out a bit that little kind of proboscis, looking to understand from where it was come from.

He was wearing a brownish leather jacket without sleeves, and below that jacket it could see a dirty  white long sleeves shirt, and it seemed was his better shirt he had, and as shoes a couple of ankle boots of the same  color of the jacket.
While the female, despite her size, was wearing a long dress tourquoise pastel with a simple white cotton apron on, and seemed came from another era, and almost was out of tone by that dimension in she was, but her sweet glance was making forget all these our reasoning, just looking at them.
While the glance of him was more present and careful of what was turning around. 
They seemed two poles totally different each other, but as two different poles they were attracted each other, and seemed one has a sporadic need of other.

Not only us were studying those creatures, also them were squaring us, after have gave us all of what we had need.
In their glances were printed one only question, but the reply has been given them by the only who knew everything.
They, but above all the male, was looking at you with the same seriouness of your gaze of  few instants before, and all of sudden he have said: “This is a serious situation. What you have seen it have been only a minimal part of the fights.”
You was about to ask him something, but he have replied immediately before you opened the mouth.
“Who are they? he have repeat your question, and snorting, rolling the eyes toward the female, he have left her replying.
“Since when has been killed the Golden Griffin, the fights between the most dangerous gangs hasn’t ever stopped. None of us knows who have killed the Griffin, and Roger here” she have indicated the male in front of her, ” haven’t been capable to make  real investigations, since the Golden Griffin have died these gang have unleash a real hell:   each evening when arrive the dawn they unleash their own the flames, and they begin. It’s a real hell.”  

While she was explaining everything, she was looking at straight the eyes of Roger, and as if she wanted encouraging him to go on, she have thrown a glance toward us.
“Margaret has been my anchor since everything has begun” and now we knew their names, and with tenderness we have looked at them.

We knew that they knew our names, but i have said mine, and when  you was  about  to present yourself, Roger have anticipated you, stretching your hand in his, saying: “Nice to meet you Luke!”, and only when our glance met, a strange grimace have drawned the face of  Roger.
It could have see that he have to used to the good manner, and that those few notions, he have learned  in short time, and after have saluted you, he have thrown a quick gaze toward Margaret, who proudly have went next to him embracing him tight, giving him a sweet and delicate caress on his wrinkled face, and he have gave back her the gesture.

After all that, and above all after the great embaressement moment for the great Roger, Margaret with all the lighteness that she could have, she have brought us in front at a framework where it was rapresented the Golden Griffin. 
It was hanged in a dark corner of the house, between the salon and the little kitchen.

“We have to hid it here, because after his dead, each framework is being burn because the new leaders of those gangs don’t have want anything to do with her. Instead it was the only thing that it can save us.” have sighed Margaret while stared it, but even with fear that they have could hear her.

She have looked at Roger with a scared glance, and he came closer to her, assuring her that nothing could happen, and also we have assured her, looking at Roger, a bit worry.”


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