– 1 –

Very slow, it seemed that everything got calm, and the couple of those creatures, were walking cross the room looking at outside the window, like us.
The female seemed more careful to our need rather what was happeninng in street while the male was looking each movements and noises.

We weren’t in the groundfloor. When he have made us enter in the building he had brought us to a kind of elevator and we have reached, maybe to ​the third or fourth floor, and however to see better the situation he had to came closer to the window and elongated himself to check the real situation.
From where we were, we have could see only the great smoke that was raising up to the sky, merging with some few reddish and yellowish flames of that little fire that little by little, was turning off.

We didn’t still know their names, but we didn’t care: for sure they knew ours, but in that specific situation the good manners weren’t so important. 
The couple was interested to see what was happening below, and the male was worry about a fire that despite was small fire, it didn’t wanted turning off, and despite we didn’t know him, we have perceived his great worry.
The female had gave us also two blanket to put over the shoulders and she had offered some kind of tea.

Also we were fascinated by their apartment, and when she have gave us those two cup of tea, we have thanked her and we have began to study all the enviroment and above all the creatures we have been rescued.
And it seemed  that we had take the two duties at the same time. You have started to study each minimal particle of those creatures, while i have studied the whole apartment, that seemed all in that we were seing.

The sofa was placed in front of the window, as if it was tool to see something different, even if  there was a old cathode ray tube television, but it seemed it wasn’t never been turned on. On the grey screen i have could see many dust. And from what i had perceived, the main job of the male creature, it had to be a sort of patrol or vigilant, and they were spending each night to check the lights of the city, in silence with those two cup of tea that now we had in hand.
Without realized, i had catched the attention of her, who shyly was looking at me and she smiling. Without say anything i knew that i have got the target, and i have gave her back the smile, sipping the tea still warm, and i have began to look at outside the window, those dancing lights between that smoke that still was making that atmosphere surreal.

You was next to me, studying that creature who seemed don’t notice your glance set on him, but he was aware of it. 
He haven’t say anything just he was breathing heavy each time he was notice something out of  normal, but immediately after he seemed calming himself, in seeing that wasn’t anything to worry about.

Ocassionally he was looking at her, as if they had speak with mind and those glance that she had shared with him, seemed say: “Tonight you have already done the hero!” and he have throw himself on backrest of that big chair resigned, and the glance of her was relaxing itself. She also, have throw away all the air from the lungs, as if it was a fight that she had to face up to each evening.
I have looked at her and she have gave me back the glance rolling the green eyes. I have smiled her.

You was looking at him with a profound glance. You was squaring him, and you was attempting to enter in his mind, but it was like go to clash a wall. He have looked at you many times, but you have not go down the gaze. In those glances there was much respect for each other. 
You both knew that before our landing, it was him to maintain the order in town, but without say anything, he knew he would had an important part. And at end, you have nodded, as if you had perceived what he was thinking about. 

I had assisted to that sharing of glances, and when you have looked at me straight into the eyes, my heart has splashed out from the chest, and only when i turned toward the female, she have smiled, as if i was the last one who had understand everything. 
We have looked at each other once again and you have kept my hands in yours, and just in those your eyes i started again to breath slow.”


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⇐– prologue –

-2 –⇒

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