-Interlude 52 –

We have looked at each other, and seeing Rick we were understanding that that moment was about to arrive.
That beam of light it was slow, but in its slowness, was only surrounding us, and one by one the creatures who was fascinated by its opalence, was noticing that, and little by little, were questioning what was going on.

We knew, that we had enough time to salute everybody, but that part have been always the harder.
We had always thought that one day, we have would meet again them, but this haven’t been ever have became real in the previous dimensions, but it always been our desire. 
Even if, in that dimension we hadn’t done nothing special, we had saved some creatures from from their enemies, given them a new place, and given them something in which believe in: the strenght of love.

Rick was looking at us in silence, aware of what that it was about to happen, and on his small face we have could see a bit of sadness. I believe it was the only one who have understand really they were our latest instants with all of them.
For quick moment we had shared a gaze with him, and in that seconds, without say anything we have forgive him, even because it wasn’t his guilt. We knew very well, that we couldn’t stay in that dimension for ever.
From the second time, we have understood that all our journeys, accomplished our duty, we have would been sucked by a vortex to be throw inside a new dimension.

 Without issue any sound, we have said Rick: “It’s ok” and the glance of him, seemed more relaxed.
Sally was still explaining how it our love was big and powerful, and seemed that new way of communication was easier, and she was loving it so much. It seemed she had many things to say to everybody, and what she was saying get interesting everybody and ocassionally Sally look at the large group first then they were looking at us with a sense of proud mixed with ammiration. We could only shyly smiling.

We have perceived that push was becoming stronger, and it was starting from our bowels. It was the same sensation that we had felt in each other dimension when we were about to leave it. We didn’t wanted interrupt Sally who was still speaking and laughing with the others.
We were thinking to leave so that dimension, under the magic of Sally, and maybe it was the better thing to do, but she have would noticed our absence, and as much smart she was, she have would immediately understood that there was something strange, so we have taken the courage interrupt the joyful atmosphere, to say all them that those would been the latest hours, that we have would spend with them.

We have shared a quick glance with Rick, who have been the only one who had examined all the matter in silence through our gazes, and after a long and profound breathe, we have enjoyed the Sally speech, and for a bit we have looked at everybody who were laughing and retorting to what they had as soon heard.
We have waited for that all that have ended to attract the attention of the group in something  very important. Our leave.

We had called Sally next to us, and i taken her in arms. Between me and her there been a profound glance in which she have understand something. Till that moment we have been clever to hide what we have would wanted don’t say, but into her black eyes we have could see the question and the answer at the same time.
For a long endless moment we have didn’t have say anything, but i don’t know how explain it, there have been a quick share of menthal  question and answer between us and the small Sally, and only when she aloud have asked us: “But you come back?”, the buzz of the other creatures have stopped itself and everybody have started to look at us with  another question printed on their faces, but the only one have taken courage to make it have been the shy Fabian, who trembling have asked us: “Where are you go?”

There was a long pause. We knew that tall and thin creature had formulated the quesstion that everybody had in mind, and to which we didn’t know how reply, but in someway we had to say them something. With the eyes wide open, we have looked at Fabian and then shyly we have looked at one by one the creatures, holding back the breathe, but only when we have looked at Rick, Rick himself have throw  away all the air he had in that small body, and he started to speak.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓

⇐– Interlude 51 –

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