I’m still shaking

The head, and  this is the umpteenth proof that the universe wants us united, despite our distance.
My name has been named in that brasilian interview, even if will means something else, it’s a another signs that something bigger than us wants united. 

Maybe it’s Our Parallel World it’s say us that everything is around inside of it it’s real, and what we have created very slow has become real.
From tonight i’m think about this another little coincidence, and everything around me is running fast.
All of a sudden i feel your closeness make itself bigger. 
I feeling your arms around my belly, and your breath is wrapping me delicately, and everything is turning around  Our Parallel World. 
Each day it’s growing fast, and i can’t believe  that is happening to me, to you to us.
Yes, i said you, because i’m sure you are confuse like me. 

I’m throwing away all the air in my lungs. I’m trying to think to another thing, but it’s impossible. 
It’s tangling us always more in a magical way. 
Maybe i esagerating, but all this is going me crazy.

Even the things you have said in that interview have left me breathless. It’s the same thought that i have expressed in a unlikely interview i did many month ago: same words, same sentences. If i think about it, i could think you have read that my interview, and in someway you have memorized it, but it would the craziest thing idea that my mind have pulled out. But it’s wonderful all this. 
How our connection works. 

The soft punch in the stomach is expanding itself inside us, and we can feel our connection making itself stronger.
We think each other. I know you are think a bit of me, as i’m doing.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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