When i seen that name, i had a jolted, and i immediately thought: “If you had thought a bit of me”. 
My heart is still beating like a jackhammer. 
Maybe you have wanted say me something in our strange way of communication. 
And now that i’m in this solitary room, from far i feel your closeness make itself stronger. 
I can feel your arms around my belly touching my bare skin.

I’m thinking everything is linking us each other, even these small things, and maybe you unconsciosly you have wanted sent me a message.

Everything is becoming so wonderful. 
Our Parallel World is growing always more, and i love this so.
I’m sure you have thought a bit of me last night, because our electric shocks have crossed my mind so fast, and i didn’t feel them from long time, and when i seen that video…. with that music i have given myself the explication.

Everything is so magical, you  are magical, Our Parallel World is the only place i want stay with you.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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