– Interlude 48 –

While Maltese with the tiny Sally attached on one of his thin arms, were leaving the group, Rick have looked at everybody speechless, and he was was questioning himself on what to do, while already Mark knew what he would have to do, and without explanation he went away, looking at Rose, who had understood him, and in silence and in hurry have started to walk toward the apartment.

Rick was feeling himself lost, but looking at the strange couple that it was as soon formated itself, he have thought that it was the only thing to do, and they were the only creatures who had to inform us.
He was flying nervously staring at the other creatures who were still in front of the pub. 
Eventually, after a long glance to everybody he have invited them to enter in the pub to take something and this  time was free. Even if he didn’t wanted make everybody notice, he was worry, above all when Mark haven’t been able to translate her small friend Sally.

Even if he didn’t know enough the couple, see the great giant confused on what he was translating, it seemed  to him very strange. He have offered drink to everybody in the hope that that matter would be solved soon.
Slowly one by one entering in the pub, have looked at the sidewalk occupied by that giant one and that female feline creature who wwere walking side by side.
Everybody in silence have entered in the pub, and Rick have offered the most popular drink of the town to everybody.

In that usually noisy pub, now was reigning a  glacial silence, and even the Rick patter on the counter was something like out of normal, and now very slow the sensation that Sally had perfectly described, was wrapping everybody, and one by one they remained wide mouth open, looking at each other withtout know what to do.
Rick was looking at everybody, in hope that that from entrance someone enter giving assuring news.
And each time he was noticing some shadows outside the pub, he was thinking that it was someone, but it was the time that was passing. 

Mark and Rose, when arrived in front of that rusty gate, have shared themselves a curious glance, above all the feline creature, who have opened it and entered. Mark have looked at around, then finally have felt that sensation that her sweet friend had felt hours ago, and when  he have felt it stronger, he passed Rose, and with just one knock have knocked our door, and those seconds he have looked at Rose whispering her : “Do you feel it?”
But Rose have looked at him shaking her head. 
Mark was about to knock once again the door, when you have opened it, and you was almost have been overwhelmed by that giant and Rose have entered without neithter saluted you, but she have entered and without say nothing she have waited for that Mark started to speak. 

She knew, that he would could explain better all the matter, and when it would been the moment, she have would could intervened.
In someway, they knew that they had interrupted something intimate between us, but maybe it was better that it was so.
“Something big is about to happening. When Sally have seen you through the window, she have begun feel something in the air that was about to envelope the town. I know that is come form you, from your intimacy. Those two stars have began to bright more, and only few minutes before to enter here, i have started to feel the sensation that Sally have felt as soon she have seen you.” 

We have shared a glance in which, maybe there was the explanation of all that  chaos that have been unleashed. We have sat on the couch, and there we have listen to even Rose who have told us what Maltese had felt that morning. 
Then she have added, looking at Mark, to have a confirmation: “It seems like the vortex in which each of us have entered in this dimension, but in according to Maltese and Sally it bigger” Rose have shared a glance with his giant friend and he have nodded, then he added: “While we have stopped in front of the rusty gate, i have began to feel it, and here i feeling it stronger…” and he have thrown a glance toward us, looking for an explication.

We wanted give them the most easy answer possible, but how we could do?
We have came out from that twirl just few hours ago, and now with the Mark words we had understood why Sally was so excited, and with some small reasoning, we were compreheding all that revolution, and the answer was only bit distant from us.

You have started to assured them, while very slow i got up and i went  to collect it, on the blanket.
“It have, even  overwhelmed us too. We were still inside one of the most beautiful sensation we have ever felt. When we have realized that…” and you have indicated the two stars, and then i have ended your speech.
“They have moved us much that some tears fall from our faces… and…” 
You have helped me to sit again, and when slowly i opend the fist that all sensation that Mark had felt have wrapped him again and this time even Rose have felt something enter in her body, and she have jumped on her own feet blowing, but immediately after she calmed, she have begun sto stare the tiny crystal.”


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