– Interlude 47 –

We smiling each other, but still  we wanted remained as we have found ourselves: embraced, and what we were looking at outside the window have left us still breathless.
Even if we knew few Sally, something it was saying us that her joy was too much even for a special creature like her.

For sure it was happening something big, and little by little even the inhabitants of that calm town have noticed her exuberance. She was on Mark shoulder and she was attracting the attention of everybody, who wasn’t understand what she say, neither with the translation of Mark.
Even his great friend was confused while was translating while her sound became more shrill.

She was announcing something was about to come, and she wanted that his friend was focusing himself  on a specific phrase the she was repeating often, and she was encouraging him to repeat it: “Don’t you hear it, don’t you hear it?”

Arrived in front of the pub, Rick have came out and have saluted the strange couple, but Sally seemed too excited to don’t notice him.  He have looked at Mark and the giant have shared a strange glance with the flying creature.
“She is  so, from when  those two stars have started to  bright more, and she is hear something that we still don’t perceive. She have excited herself  since when she have been capable to see them through their window.”
Rick was looking at Sally placed on head of Mark, and she was calling the others.

Rose was the first to arrived. She seemed annoyed by those sounds, and she was about to lamenting herself, but as soon she have seen that it was that tiny white fur creature, she have immediately changed behaviour, and she have started to licking fur waiting for that someone had explained her what have happened to her.

Rick looked around and looked for Maltese, but hadn’t seen him, so he looked at Rose, but she didn’t seem to notice, so he asked aloud, underlining the first part for the feline that still kept cleaning herself casually: “Has anyone present … seen Maltese?” and then they all have looked at her, and then she lifted her face and answered.
“Usually when I wake up he’s already out, usually he comes back with breakfast, but now that you pointed this out to me … he must have been back in a while …” and she have stop her licking herself. 
The Sally sounds have give annoy her. 

She was starting to worry herself, and those sweet sound of that creature weren’t no longer sweet. 
She was trying to calm herself, looking at the big creature, and she went next to him and have asked what she was saying, but when Mark was about to translate what Sally was saying like a broken record, from far was running back Maltese who what was repeating from long time Sally, and only when Sally have been capable to hear what Maltese was saying almost screaming, she have pointed him many times as if he had hear or seen with his own eyes, what she had only felt.

Maltese arrived in the middle of the large group without breath, but he have been capable to indicate the two stars, an only at end e have could say: “I think something big it is about to happen. I’ve recognized the big push when i arrived here, but this is something bigger.”  Maltese was looking at everybody speechleess, but only when have have thrown a glance toward the small Sally, and she was the only who have smiled him, they have shared a malicious glance, and after a couple of seconds, she went down from his great friend and she reached Maltese who have looked at her for a moment then she have climbed him and she have placed in his arms.
Maltese have looked at Mark, and he have only nodded.

This time he haven’t been capable to decipher her small friend, who in those instants, wanted only someone could understand what she was feeling, and now the only one was Maltese.
And without the need of the translation, she have indicated Maltese to want go there, where he had felt everything.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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