– Interlude 46 –

After a long pause, where our breath seemed have given new air to the apartment, we have throw away it from the lungs, very slow everything have begun to move always faster, and our air have start have begun to refresh everything around, and have refreshed even our souls, and it seemed that those tears that have became that crystal had a power bigger than anything else.

It seemed that that new  new air that was surrounding us, have came from it, and, like the two stars up to the sky, it was breathing,  only staring it carefully we had noticed that. 

Everything was going at our rhythm, and we have given our oxygen to everything, and only after seen the crystal very slow get up and get down, we have looked at each other, and we have shared an incredulous glance, and now for sure, we hadn’t hungry, but we had to eat something.

Delicately you have looked at me, smiling, and you have taken my hand, and together we got up. 
Remaining one in front another, we have listening to that silence revolution that was accomplishing itself inside and outside the apartement, and with wide eye open straight into the others, you have whispering: “We are us that  making all this”. 
I was still breathless: to know that we given the strenght to that dimemsion to go on, it was  a hard thing to sent down, but everything what we were seeing it was the proof of all that. 
The stars, and now that tiny crystal was breathing. 

We were the nucleus of all that, and for sure, even in those small glances we were sharing, we were provoking something in somewhere in that small world, and for sure when we have given a look outside the big window at the opposite wall of the sofa, the light of those two stars was brightening more due of our discover, and outside the window we have heard still the tiny Sally sounds, who was admiring the sky, already with the high sun, but far away from those pulsing stars. 

In that dimension, the sun given the light for the day, but it wasn’t the main star, it was  very distant,but his light was powerful to reach the soil, but it was understandable that his was a secondary works in that universe, on the contrary it seemed the even him was taking the light from those two stars for then spreading it at his turn..
You had took two cup of coffee and some biscuits, but before to take them, you have said: “Wait for me”. 
I was looking at you going directly toward a hidden cupboard to take a blanket.

Taken it, i knew where you have would placed it. 
My heart was fulling itself of something wonderful, and only when you taken the two cup of coffee, and with the glance you have stopped me, my heart have literally exploded, and only when you got back to me, i’ve been only capable to whisper something that souned like: “I love you”. 
You have looked at me, and you have taken my hand, and gently you conducted me toward the blanket, and you have given me the hand to support me better to go down, and as a knight you have offered me the cup of coffee that you had prepared.
And only when i have drunk the first sip from the cup, you have done the same. 
It was like made love, but this time spiritually. 
Drinking that coffee we could only see our eyes.  And in that glance we have could see something that very slow have enveloped us once again.

We had breakfast only because our bodies asked for it.
Ended the coffee, we have lay ourselves on that blanket and we remained enveloped by our great sensations, looking at outside the evolutions of those two stars. 

From far we have could hear the Sally joy, each time the stars light became brighter.
We knew she was  happy for a reason in particular, but  in that moment we wanted stay alone, embraced between the arms of the other, and see our hearts beating inside those two stars.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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