– Interlude 45 –

You still  have embraced me tightening me as if you had fear that all that magic was only a dream. 
I have could hear your heart beating strong against my back, and you was throwing away all the air from the lungs, and your arms have keeping me strong like i was the only anchor to which you could grip yourself. 
I remained so in silence, hearing your breath that didn’t have wanted stop to go crazy.
I have tightened stronger those arms that delicately were becoming always more strong. 
I have could understand you totally. This kind of magic it wasn’t never happened before.

We were in front of the window, and we were seeing that white creature who was waving with all herself, and the great Mark who finally have arrived and he have taken in her big paw asking her to make less noise, but she have smiled him, making him notice that we were at the window and we were sweetly smiling her. 
He have looked at us with a shy glance and we had understood his embarassement, and almost he was asking us excuse. We have looked at him with all the sweetness, and we had understood what he wanted say us. 

From when Mark had rescued her, this  was the very first time that she was expressing  her joy in that way. She knew that she was witnessing to something very special and important for her life, and looking at us so close, so intimate, she have would like touch. 
I had understand it from her tiny sounds that was issuing stretching her tiny paws toward up. I was ready to went out, but you wasn’t, and only when you have turned me once again toward you, and i dived myself into those blue eyes, i have totally forget why i wanted went down. 

Very slow, the Sally sounds have became very far, and immediately after i have restart to stare at you with the heart in throat.
You have made me turned, and with all the delicateness you have taken me toward the bed and in front of me you have kneeled. You haven’t talk, but with those eyes straight into mine you was saying: “Let’s take us this day only for us, they will understand”.  I have sighed, and i have only caressd your face, then slowly our lips have touched.
And only when our kiss have become not only a simple kiss, we have heard Mark say to her Aly: “Let them alone” and her sounds seemed a rassegnation lament. We have looked at each other listening to her tiny sounds, but what it was creating itself again, around and inside us was stronger than anything else.

You got up and you have stretching your hand toward mine, and after an endless second i have taken it, and once again i found myself between your arms. 
Those simple gestures were the most powerful, and we could see their effects into our stars outside and  inside our glances: those tiny sparkles that let made our eyes bright, and that they have could amplify even the smallest perfume that was going around in the apartment.

It seemed that the orgasm effect weren’t completely vanished, and we were still inhebriated from those small changing that they were invisible, but they had a strong effect on us.
We had to eat something, but something inside was blocking us, and seemed that, the more we were looking at us, the more everything around feed us, and even our soft touches were helping to fill our souls.

You was about to go in the kitchen, but you stopped yourself immediately, and turning  toward me, you came to me and you have sat next to me and without say anything you have sweetly embraced me, only after a couple of seconds you have said: “… and of this i really need.” and those words have fill the apartement of  something real magic, and that sweet embrace have unleashed something that have made explode our hearts at the same time, and all the perfume of the apartment, but above all those of our skins and of what few that we had on, have made us thre away the air from the lungs. 

Uncosciously, we were still in that twirl of great emotions, and everything around us was still floating, and they were those tiny sparkle into our eyes  that were making turning around everything wonderfully slow.
And only when we have realized all that, we have moved ourselves, when two tiny tears have fallen from our eyes falling they have became the most beautiful crystal we ever seen.”


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⇐-Interlude 44 –

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