It’s so strange

What have happened tonight. It seemed you had found a way to communicate with me.
Without have turned on anything, in my headphones have started the audio of Mr Jekill and mr hide, without have put it on any player. 
I didn’t have scare, for how long it was lasted the audio i have been enveloped by your sweet voice. 

I have wanted imagine that you have wanted say me something important, and maybe it have been so.
I’m still throwing away the air from the lungs.

You maybe you have wanted consol me for what have happened with instagram. I will never know it.
But hearing your voice, so all of sudden, it have been the most beautiful sensation.
Now i feel your closeness make itself stronger. 
If i close the eyes, i can imagine for real you are next to me, embracing me from behind, reading what i’m writing here. 

I have my heart is going crazy, and it’s the most beautiful sensation i have feeling in these moments. 
It’s useless say you what i’m feeling, because i know you are feeling it too.
I only shake my head for what it is happening between us from five years.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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