-Interlude 44 –

We were still embraced each other and slowly we went down, while our great sensation were disappearing. 
When we have landed, once again on bed, all those tiny crystals around us,  were clashing each other provoking a cristalline sound. We had to be used to these wonder, but each time it was like the very first time, and this time, was the very first time that what we were seeing outside the great window, have left us breathless. 

The light that before was wrapping us, now was enveloping the town. and that light came out from our bodies, and it seemed that even the smallest move we  were doing, that soft  light have becoming  bigger, and it was like if we had given part of our love to those  inhabitants, and like in a rebirth, we have gave a new oxygen even to the tinest particle of that dimension. 
And only looking at that beautiful show of lights  we have understand the importance of our intimacy. Thing that in the other dimensions we had almost totally forget, and only looking at outside we have thought at the same thing, and now little by little, we were reconsidering the latest adventures, but above all one in particular. 

And only when in our mind got back when we had made love in that shed of  the three witches, we have felt something like a new energy that have crossed our bodies, and despite my big wound on the leg, we had defeated that unique enemy who was Raikin. 

Slowly we went in front of the window, and your arms were keeping me tight on your chest, and only when you have turned me,  we both have remained still more speechless. 
Into our glances were turning round that two stars that they were up in the sky, and it wasn’t a reflection. No! 
Now they were make part of  us, and it was the most beautiful thing that we ever had seen. 
Maybe uncosciously, we already knew it, but only in that dimension, we have realizing all that. 

We were staring each other without say anything, but only hearing our hearts beating unison, and without realizing we admiring those two stars that were pulsing at the same rhythm, and only when you have looked at outside the window for a second, you have stopped to breath and you have tightened me against your chest, then you have looked at me, and sweetly you have sighed: “Look!” and with all the delicatness you had, you have turned me toward the window.
And when even i have seen what was happening in the sky, i have whispered your name, and i tightened myself to you. 
Those two stars seemed had a heart, and that heart was beating at our same rhythm, but only when your heart have started beat faster, we had understood that it were our hearts to making them pulsing.
And when even mine have started to beat a bit faster, we had the confirmation of what we had as soon seen, and the light was becoming brighter, and a sense of more tranquillity was spreading in all the town.

We have smiled each other, and looking at once again the sky, we had hear to the sweet sounds of Sally, and ended them, i have sweet smiled looking at you, who was asking yourself what did she had said.  I blushed, and wihtout ask anything, you have just looking my embaressement, biting my lips, you had understand. 
And only when i placed my hand on your bare chest, i have stared you straight into your eyes, i have sighed: “Of this they have need” and without add anything else, you have nodded, and we got back to see through the window those two stars, while the sweet sound of the tiny Sally were awakening everybody, and behind the sweet sound of the white fur creature, we had could listen to the grunts of Mark who was following her praying her to make less noise, but it seemed that she wasn’t listen to him. She was too happy for what was she feeling around.

We remained in silence to listen to her joy, and only at end we have glimpsed her inside the alley, with behind the great Mark who was attempting to stopping her, but wheh he have reached her it was too late. 
She was below our window and she had seen us, and was saluting us. 
You have tightened me more to you, and our hearts have beating stronger. 
Slowly we have taken a glance up to the sky. Our stars  were beating with us. 
You have sighed my name and i have tightened the arms that have tightening my belly.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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