– Interlude 43 –

I have looked straight into your eyes, while you was making fly my name in the air, and delicately your hand on my thigh have started to mapping so delicately my body.
We didn’t have stick off our glance each other. Our lips seemed wanted only caresses and, anything more.

Everything around us was a twirling of light merging with the most beautiful colors of  that dimension, and when our glances were diving into each other, we have held back the breath for then throw it away, and nervously we have smiled, and without say anything we were questioning us the same question, but we already knew the reply, and without stop we were carresing ourselves, we have could hear our heart pulsations splashing out from our bodies.

Even with the smallest soft touch we could have go crazy. We were about to unleash a chain reaction in which everything was becoming new for us, even the tinest perfume was a reborn of our senses.
Your breath was wrapping mine, and all around was becoming light, as your hands on my body, but now they were going  down, always more down, and i knew where they would went, i taken one flap of your satin shirt and i have closed the eyes, and with that simple gesture, consciously i have gave you the permission to open my legs.

My breath was slowly increasing, when i was feeling that your hand have stopped on my knees, and your deep voice have called me, while only one hand went down, and was opening wider my legs. 
I was about to don’t understand anything. I was looking at straight into your eyes, waiting for to feel  that small penetration. 

Everything was going slower than usual, and your breath had reached mine.
The white sun beams were entering in the bedroom, and they were drawing our silhouettes in the opposite walls, and they were caressing our bodies creating a sort of halo around our naked bodies. Only the satin shirt didn’t reveal  all your body above mine. 
Those small rustles made us feel your little delicate movements between my thighs, and very fast you was feeling something that getting wet, and at end those rustles been covered by little moans that one by one have became something that you wanted have became something more exciting.

Without stick off your eyes from mine, very slow you have started to slide me my panties, and give more freedom to your movements that have become faster, but my desire to feel you completely inside me was a legible thing trough my eyes, and slowly i have take you off that satin shirt, and i  pulled you  toward me and in a sigh,i have said: “Make me yours”, and with this sentence we have looked at each other for a second, then with a delicate thrust of your pelvis, i have felt you enter inside me and your moanings have merging with mine. 

You pushing yourself always more inside, and as much i was enjoy myself that at end i was at your mercy, and my body was completly in your hands, and our minds were got connecting themselves. We have could feel our electric shocks cross our minds till all our body, and they have exploded everybody around us when we have reached one of powerful orgasm that we had. 

Everything around seemed go slow and everything went million small pieces. Tiny crystals were turning around us, and they were reflecting the sun beams, and in all that  blinding light,  our beings were the only two forms that they could distinguish. 
We seemed us that we were flying, and maybe it was so. We were dancing in the middle of that colorful twirl while we were still one inside of the other, and only in that instants we have could see that that blinding light was surrounding us, it didn’t come from the sun, but came from directly from us. 

We were dancing in our own light. We have embraced us tight, looking at each other overwhelmed, feeling the contractions fading.”


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