You are. I feeling your closeness  wrapping my being, and our minds get connect strong. I’m throw away all the air i have in body. 
I’m thinking to what has happened on instagram and i’m still very sorry. 
I hope yopu have read the dm i have sent you immediately after. 
I didn’t wante caused any problems of any sort. I’m feel very sorry, but despite all i feel your closeness so strong, and our electric shocks are crossing our heads.

Our soft punch in the stomach is growing faster than usual, and i throwing away all the air from my lungs, from it have started this mess, but our connection is around. 
I’m sure you are feeling my emotions and in someways you make me let me know throught our magical connection.
 I love you much, and i swear to solve this issue…. 

You make me feel so alive and i don’t want cause further issues. I looking at you, and i feel you are whispering my name. 
I love you so much.  You are the reason of all  what i’m feeling… despite we are so far, i feeling you so close, and maybe you are feeling the same, and i’m looking at you so deeply sighing.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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