– Interlude 42 –

You have looked at Rick and one by one the others one, the your last glance have been for Mark and the sweet tiny Sally that little by little was woke herself well, and at end you have looked at me sweetly taking delicately my hand, and with a thread of voice, you have said: “Let’s go”, and without add anything else, you have looked at the hand you was keeping, and very slowly we have start walk to go back in the apartment. 

From the opposite site of the street there was a pale moon that was leaving place to a tired sun, but that slowly was illuminating with hi orangish colours the street and the piazza where we have spent all night to listen the fantastic stories of ours great and small friends.

When we arrived in front of the rusty gate, we have looked at us and we have turned ourselves back toward the piazza, where we have could hear still some of the grunts of Mark, and the sweet sounds of that wonderful creature who was Sally who was saluting sweetly Rick. I had translated her soft sound for you, and for a second we have looked at each other, then we have jolted for the great roar of Mark who was repeating the same phrase. 
His voice have bounced as bomb through all the walls of the city.

We have waited for that everything got calm, then as if  we had to leave go away, we have looked at everything around, then that glance between you and me that seemed there was the spark that  our stars had need. 
We remained stand still to stare up the sky, and as Rick have said, they seemed charging themselves, and some tracks of them went down and they have wrapped us, and  then immediately after they got back up in the sky.
They have been delicatly fast, and they have left a thread of soft breeze in that alley, and the fresh breeze that seemed recharge the atmosphere around. 

We remained to observe all those small changing for a bit. We have could seee those small tracks that were going around in the town. Before to completely vanish, they had made another turn around us, but this time their thrust was more powerful and i ended in your arms, and your hold have been one of the most sweet.
Our glances met, and without say anything, we held back the breathe then we have threw it away, and unconsciously we have caressed each other, and checked that the track gone, you have sigh: “Let’s enter”, and delicately you have taken the hand, and very slow, still looking at up to the sky, we have admired those two stars that in that precise instant seemed merging one with another in a sensual dance in the sky.

They seemed have understand before of us what we had need.
When you have opened the door, you made me enter first, but then immediately you have said: “Stop” and i have turned toward you. 
In that apartment we have could listen our hearts beating  at unison, and when you have reached me, without see, i have felt again your hand that delicately taken again mine, and together we went in front of the big window, and there, you have placed yourself behind me and with all the delicatness, you have embraced me, and with your soft voice you have said:  “Look at those two stars” leaving the speech in suspension. Then you have turned me and with those two blue eyes you have made understand that that morning we would not have breakfast. 

Sighing my name many many and many times, eventually you have made me flight among your arms, and you have reached the stair, and we went in bedroom, and there you have laid me on the matress, then you came close to me, and for a moment we didn’t have said anything, only we have shared those glances in which there was everyhting we were feeling. My eager to touch your tiny mole was growing, and you was stand still in front of  me with the face laid on the pillow, and face to face, in silence, we knew that something magical was happening. 
We wanted to look outside, because we knew that was happening beautiful, but unconsciously, we knew even that, if we had break away that glance, everything it would be vanish, and then what we were looking at straight into our gazes, was the same that was happening outside. 

What we were seeing into the eyes of who we had in front, was the most beautiful game of colors and lights, that we had seen, and in that intertwinning of light and colors, we have could hear that even our souls had a important role. 
Delicately i have started to touch your face till arrive at that tiny mole and you have left me do, while your hands softly were caressing my almost naked body.”


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