– Interlude 41 –

Despite we didn’t know much Mark, you have immediately understand that meaning in that glance: he was speaking about me, and in that glance that then you have thrown there was the same importance that Mark have given to the little Sally who was still sleeping in the big paw of that giant, who was looking at her peaceful.
“I would do everything for her. She given me something that i would not have found alone.” he said looking at straight into your eyes, then he have looked at me, as if  he was talking for you, and you have shy smiled him. 
That glance was full of meaning for both.
At end you have looked at me so profoundly, and from the tone of your sweet tone of voice, it seemed you was speaking only to Mark, on the contrary everybody present were listening to you.

“When HIM have asked us where we have would prefer remain, we have said without thinking much in these dimensions, We have thought that we have would not meet creatures who wanted made us hurt, but on the contrary ,in every dimensions we have faced up to difficulties always bigger, but we have always won.
Some days, have been so hard especially for me. See her in painful, for me have been one of the most bad moment of my life.” and when you have remember Raikin, i have looked at you for an endless moment in which i have could see one tiny part of your heart that still bleeding. I held back the breathe and only when you have tightened my hand, i have started to breathe again.

Softly i have  taken you hand and placed it on my thigh, and with a deep glance straight into your eyes, i have said: “Unfortunately there are and there will be bad and good persons and in our case there are and there will good and bad creatures but with a bit of sacrifices we can defeat them, but when loose some of our friend, we feel ourselves in guilt, because we have think to haven’t done much, and a sense of sorry is pervade us.” and when you have looked at me at the end, i knew to whom you was think about.

But the more we were looking at Sally sleeping peaceful in the paw of Mark, the more we believed that the good would have win everything and that white floating spot was our love that we had spreaded in all the journeys that we had done, and now it was concentrating itself going around through those new dimensions, helping all those creatures in danger.
But only Rick  have got back us in the reality.

They were passed hours from i was sat myself next to Mark in front of the pub, and we had passed almost all night speaking. Rick have remember everybody that if we wanted maintain that magical aura around the town, we had to rest, and maybe, even sleep.

Rick had right: unconsciously our bodies had to recharge, and we had to to feed our souls of that something that was go round in dimension: that special shield that was protecting everybody, and only with his glance toward everybody was saying to leave that small place we had occupied, and go to rest. 
Seeing the sky he was noticing that the bright light of those two stars was disincreasing, and only when the small Sally have opened the eyes, have made us understand that the power of the our magical shield was got slower and in her big black eyes we have seen her worry, and only get back in the apartment, staying alone, we have could rise again it.”


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