What it have

Happened last night we only us can explain it to.
I had my head that was turning like a spinning top, and i don’t know how i have been to end to write what i was writing. 
We were entering for the very fisrt time in Our Parallel World, where anybody could not enter. 
I was feeling so close to you in a strong way, and you have read all my messages. 

We were alone in Our magical shed. Our magical connection have strenghtened always more. 
I know you have felt the same force that in those minutes have united our souls in a strange way.

Even now i feel so strange. Our connection have become stronger than ever. You and me there, all alone, there where everything have began.
The universe have wanted say us something important, and very slow we are deciphiring it.
Everything is going fast and slow at the same time.

It’s useless  say that your closeness is stronger than before.
Everything have become so obvious.
I’m shaking the head, and i feel your arms around my belly, and your breathe is wrapping my being. 
I have to close the eyes and try to think to other things, but it’s impossible 
What that i have i thought it was only my imagination, it wasn’t from long time.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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