– Interlude 40 –

Mark have checked that Sally was fallen asleep deeply on his enormous chest at his heart beat. 
For a endless minute we everybody have been hypnotized by the slow rhytm of  the chest of Mark that got down and got up, and as magical veil his heavy breath through the nostrils have wrapped everybody.
Mark was keeping Sally in his hand, as the most precious thing he had, and in someways it was.

After a last check of that tiny creature in his paw, Mark have looked at us, and he have continued the interrupted story.
His great voice have resounded like a continuos roar in the town, but it wasn’t dreadful, on the contrary, it was calming roaring. It seemed a lullaby that was shaking our deep self. 
In his way, he was soft speaking, and often he was checking the small Sally, who seemed  being wrapped by the safest thing, and now we have could see, even have her sweet face, calmer. 

He held back the breath, and when he have started, he have began from when the little white fur creature have been caged by the hunters.
“I have been always a solitary creature, even when i was meet other creatures, i have always preferred to stay alone, and by now, the others knew me, and they almost were avoided me… but don’t worry, it was ok for me. 
Maybe my great size have been my handicap”, and here, he have made us see the obvious. He haven’t could enter in the pub, but by now he got used to it and he shrugged. I have touched his legs, and i shy smiled, then after a moment of embarassement for everybody, he have continued.

“I was walking through the city, when the other inhabitans had immediately noticed that the white fur creature was disappeared. They have started to look for her and his friend with which she was running through the city with. They have been moments in which the whole town, didn’t knew what do. It was an habit listen to those sounds all day, and when you got use to hear them no longer, something have made clicked the whole attention. 
I immediately noticed the worry, and who usually avoided me was come to me, asking me if i had seen those two creatures with wide eyes open, and it seemed that they didn’t have noticed my size, as much they were worry.
I knew the importance of those small creature for the city, so i have started to look for them.
Some inhabitants had seen some hunters go round the town that day, and they had recognized them like the wortest, and the creatures who have met me,  didn’t wanted think the worst, but unfortunately have been so. The friend of Sally have been found without life thrown away next a garbage bin. This i never told Sally, and i please you, do the same.” 

At those words we held back the breath, and looking at her sleeping we everybody have nodded, and with his grimace Mark thanked us, and have looked at the small Sally among his paw.
“I went around through the town, and only when i i found myself alone in alley i have seen for the very fist time that white floating spot, and it have been him to brought me to her. But i wasn’t alone. There were  the hunters, who got prepare themselves to open the cage and catch her…” 

Mark haven’t ended the sentence, because everybody knew what he was about to say, and even for him was hard to sent down, but fortunately we knew how it have ended. 
“I have heard her cry hard, because they were about to make her came out frome the cage, and they were treatening her very bad, so i have intervened and you know the rest of the story, but you don’t know that during the fight the floating white spot very slow it have became always bigger, and immediately after, i have taken this little creature, i have felt that thrust that Sally have perfectly described, and  immediately she have could trust in me, that white floating spot have sucked us, and we have travelled till to arrive here, and in that journey we have established a strong connection, and little by little her sounds that at begin i really wasn’t able to comprehend, they  have begin to become small sound into words, and little by little i have start to understand everything she was saying me”.  And so he have looked at that small white creature into his big arms, and he have shared a quick glance with you, and you have gently nodded. 

You had  understand what he wanted say you, and then you have thrown a glance toward me.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐– Interlude 39 –

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