– Interlude 39 –

Everybody remained breathless, for what i have been to do. None of us, excluded Mark, have been able to understand the sound of Sally, and,  even for me, it have been incredible. 
I was feeling almost a thief of the Mark special bond that he had created with Sally.
Sally herself had comprehend my discomfort. She have looked at me first then Mark and between  him and me there was a glance in which we had said us everything.

Sally hadn’t ended to tell her story and she have continued, with the gazes of everybody pointed on me.
She had her tiny paw on my hand, and we were looking at us deeply. She wanted understand if  it have been an only one moment in which everything were turning perfectly, in which unique instant, we have could see even the farest star, and when she have started to “talk” i held back the breathe. 

Even you was looking at me, and when just a couple earlier of seconds that Sally have continued to tell what was happened, you have tightened my hand, and in the sweetest whisper, you have said: “You are the most incredible wonderful girl i have ever met.” and  you have continued to stared at me, keeping  my hand. I have looked at your fingers that delicately were crossing with mine, and only when Sally have started to issuing her sweet sound, my heart have started to beat like a jackhammer, and those sounds very slow have became simply sentences, and i have looked at her overwhelmed and with a tiny nod, i have made her understand that now i have could totally comprehend her. She have smiled me, but only after have tested my new skill, she have reprised her story.

“I found myself in that solitary narrow alley, in that dark side, illuminated only by a street lamp. I hided myself in the darkest part of it, but i hided myself in the wrong side. Up of me the hunters had placed an automatic cage, that without realizing,  i have made clicked. The white spot was floating in front of me. I have tried to reached it but it was too far. I was still feel that  thrust around me. In my deep, i knew that it was trying to sucked me inside its twirl, but the cage was to heavy. I have tried to set me free. That force infront of me, in someway, it was saying me that it wasn’t able to help me no more, and very slow it have vanished. 
When the dark have surrounded me, i have thought that was my end. but something inside me, was sauying me don’t give up, but you know when your best friend havee been catched for your guilt, you begin to think that maybe, it’s the end that you deserve.” 

There was a silence that have freezed everybody, while Mark have ended to translate the last sentence of her tiny friend. I have looked at her only a minute before with a lump in throat, and little by little, i have tightend your hand, and only when everybody have listened to Mark,  i have looked at straight into your eyes without say anything, but in that glance you have perceived all my sadness hearing her sounds, by now, for me comprehensible words. 

Now, without any ceremony, we knew that it was the Mark’s turn, but we everybody, had to to absorb what the tiny Sally had as soon told. Everybody were looking at her with that sense of impotence, and one question printed on their face, but that even her, would wanted to know the reply. 
She haven’t knew what have happend to his friend. 
She have looked at  his big companion, and he knew what she was feeling. He have taken her in his great hand, and very slow, she have reached to the chest of Mark, and he have kept her close his heart. 

Without explain anything, we had understand that the only sound that was calm her, since Mark have found her in that cage was his rhythmical beat of the heart, and relive those sad moment have been hard for the little creature, but almost neccessary to exorcise that bad adventure.

We had all the time of the universe, and without realizing, we had waited for that Sally fallen herself asleep, on the chest of Mark, to know the continue of that incredible story.”


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