– Interlude 38 –

Listening to all those stories, we remained speechless. Even us were remained fascinated by that white spot that almost everybody have met, and now we were looking at Rick, as if he had to closed that cycle of stories. 
But seemed that we had wrong creature. Because that one who made herself  ahead have been Sally. 
She have jumped on the legs of his great friend, and have attracted the whole attention of everybody.

Without realizing, almost automatism, we have thrown a glance to Mark, who was already  ready to translate the sweet sounds of her small friend.
He left her speak in her way for  a bit, then she have turned his sweet little face toward his enormous friend, and she have left him “translate” her sweet tiny sounds.

“I was play with of my friend,  of the same race, i enjoyed myself. We were chasing each other through the town, and the inhabitants weren’t annoy by us”  – Mark have rembembered us that she was a kind of lucky charm, and when two of them were playing was a joy to see them, especially when the inhabitants seeing the white one running trough the city. We have smiled at her, and she have continued to issuing sweet sounds, and Mark to translate her.

“We had ran along all the town, and as much we had fun ourselves, we didn’t realize that someone were following us, but this haven’t stop us. I knew that the more i ran in the town, the more my small magic was spreading around, and i was so happy for that. I have could see all the inhabitants smile, and being surround by  that small track i was releasing, but at certain point i have notice that white spot every place i went. I was sure that it wasn’t mine. It was opalescent, and despite i was running in everywhere in town, each time i have stopped myself, it was always there that it was waiting for me. Even my friend have made me noticed, but for at first time, i didnt made case, but the more i went on, the more it was always present, and now i have understand that it wanted warn me about those hunters.”

Sally have looked at Mark first who had ended translate, and in that moment there was one of the most intense sweet glance between the two. She would have wanted say: “I had would to be more careful, and i had to would follow what that my little head was saying me in that moment”.
“But i have continued to play with my friend till  we have met the hunters, who without thinking much have catched my friend. I perfectly remember that sensation of empty that very slow was  filling my heart. 
They had catched him, only to reach at me. When i have walked alone along those streets, that white small floating spot, seemed following me. I was hided myself inside a solitary alley, and it was there. it seemed tranquilizing me. I knew that the hunters were searching for catch me for my white fur, but i was sure that none of them would have take me. I was protected by the other inhabitants, but as you have said: you don’t know who you can meet, and that day, they were out the wortest hunters, those who hadn’t prejudice on anything.”

I have looked at the little Sally without pass go through the big Mark, seemed that i had learnt to translate her sweet sounds without effort, but it was only an impression, but those latest sentences of her, had impressed me much. 
Even in different dimensions, there was always that species, human or not, who wanted seemed the bigger, catching the weaker, even if  the weaker were the hunters. And i was looking at her straight into her black eyes, and in those few second, there have been a glance in which we have would could explain everybody that theory, but i believe there was no need, and the little Sally in that glance, have read my entire story, and slowly, she went on, and for another minute we have shared another glance. She have looked at me, and almost in a whisper she said something that Mark was about to translate, but i have anticipated him, and i have reply Sally sayng: “Even you are special.” and she gave me her tiny paw.

This my reply left everybody speechless, but above all Mark, who have looked at me wide eyes open.
I have smiled him blushing and i have changed direction, and  i have looked at you who seemed fascinated by who you was looking at.”


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